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  • ActionAid: the ‘postal parent’ advert by SOFII These two black and white ads look dated now, and the first of these at least seems patronising too. But when these ‘postal parent’ advertisements appeared in the UK in the mid 1970s they were state-of-the art, the epitome of direct response fundraising.
  • CDE project 14 appendix 4: insight profiling by The Commission on the Donor Experience Insight Discovery is a model that measures behavioural preferences. It uses a system of four colours to describe different styles of behaviour.
  • CDE project 14 section 1: our approach and putting the principles and actions into practice by The Commission on the Donor Experience The following are examples of some of our recommendations and observations in action from the people we met, current contacts and clients, and what we have seen across the sector.
  • CDE project 14: appendix 1 by The Commission on the Donor Experience Here is the full lists of attributes of a donor-focused fundraiser drawn from the surveys and focus groups we conducted.
  • CDE project 14: appendix 2 and 3 by The Commission on the Donor Experience Examples of donor-centred behaviour in fundraisers as described to us by those we interviewed.
  • Job-speak: a user’s guide by George Smith And now from the incomparable George Smith: an expose of all that is nonsense in recruitment ads from charities. Are you guilty of the ‘booming vocative’?
  • The Fundraising Recruitment Universe - as a candidate, how do I get started? by Ryan Burdock Getting a job in fundraising has been made harder by the coronavirus outbreak, but there are still ways to make your way into the sector or find a new role. Ryan Burdock of Prospectus looks at the basics of looking for a job in this first article in SOFII’s new recruitment series.
  • The Fundraising Recruitment Universe - six tips for mastering a video interview by Ryan Burdock The coronavirus pandemic means most interviews are happening on virtual platforms, so these top tips could be your key to getting a job in fundraising or finding the right candidate for your organisation.