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  • ActionAid: the welcome to child sponsorship package by SOFII ActionAid’s child sponsorship programme has been running in the UK for over 35 years. In 2008, they revisited the enquirer and welcome packs with the intention of making the materials the best that could be found anywhere.
  • Greenpeace Australia Pacific: the welcome process by SOFII Think objectively about the experience a new donor has within the first few months of joining your organisation. Greenpeace Australia Pacific has developed a new and simplified process to ensure that new donors receive clear communications that both thank and further engage them. The result is that they’re reducing the number of donors who leave within the first three months.
  • Greenpeace UK welcome materials, from 1992 by SOFII This is an important record of an approach to thanking and welcoming donors from back in the days when the idea of sayinging ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’ was quite new to most organisations and barely understood in the emerging field of donor relationship development.
  • How effective is your welcome programme? by Erik Van Dorp Many charities have a welcome programme in place to keep more donors giving, to make them feel welcome, or to ask for more money. For whatever the reason you have your welcome flow, there is always room for improvement. So, here’s a simple 10-point checklist that will help you estimate how much room for improvement there actually is.
  • ISRT thank-you and welcome letter by SOFII ISRT produced a ‘welcome pack on a single page’. This low cost example of donor relationship development shows fundraising creativity at its simplest and best. Every fundraising organisation could and should aspire to have a thank-you programme and materials at least as good as this.
  • Why I am not a fan of welcome packs by Margaux Smith  ‘They spent my entire first month’s gift on this stupid pack and I don’t really feel thanked at all’.
  • Why I support 12 different charities by Laura Croudace How can you learn and improve if your training budget is titchy? Get out and donate says Laura Croudace, who wants a steady stream of fundraising pouring through her letterbox because she learns so much from it. And all those donations are still cheaper than most seminars and workshops.
  • WWF Canada: welcome pack for new donors by SOFII Learn how to engage and retain your donors from this early example of a donor-centred welcome pack. This is a very good and highly copyable example of the genre. And, most noteworthy perhaps is that this pack has been structured and written around what the donor would want, not what the organisation wants.