Green­peace UK wel­come mate­ri­als, from 1992

Exhibited by
Ken Burnett.
February 27, 2010
Medium of Communication
Direct mail.
Target Audience
regular gift, single gift.
Type of Charity
Environmental/animals, social change.
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

A welcome pack from way back.

SOFII apologises for the poor quality of these images. But they’re important as they record an approach to thanking and welcoming donors from back in the days when the idea of sayinging ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’ was quite new to most organisations and barely understood in the emerging field of donor relationship development. Anyone who can provide SOFII with better quality illustrations will be warmly appreciated.

The letter is taken from a poor quality slide but it’s readable despite the scratches. The idea of this pack was that it described the full range of things supporters could do and gave them stickers to affix to the reply form and return, indicating their choice of ways to help. It also gave useful contact numbers on stickers.

Even then Greenpeace realised the value of giving supporters these options quickly and positively. This pack was produced by Burnett Associates Limited

Creator / originator

Burnett Associates Limited, London working with Greenpeace UK.

Summary / objectives

This was a very early experiment in producing a welcome pack with lots of campaign ideas and calls to action. At the time the Internet was a new and almost unused phenomenon. So the idea was to provide lots of contact numbers on stickers that Greenpeace supporters could fix into their filofaxes (remember them?).


Unknown. If you have any more information about this exhibit please let us know.

Influence / impact

Though far from perfect this was a useful step on the road to evolving effective welcome materials.


It was a useful experiment which helped focus Greenpeace on customer service.