CDE project 6: the use and misuse of emotion

Fundraising is inevitably emotional and emotion is hugely powerful, so must be used responsibly and wisely. This project will consider whether and how emotion can be safely used in fundraising communications. It will define the opportunities and responsibilities that come with telling the truth well, with power and passion that can move people to action

Special announcement
With six sections and more than 40 individual components, CDE project 6, the use and misuse of emotion, is truly massive. SOFII is currently adding all the content and linking it together for easy access, but this process may take a while. Meanwhile, the best place to access CDE project 6 is via the full contents list, here.

All currently active components are highlighted in that list and the remainder will be added progressively over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience.

The SOFII team

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CDE project 6 section 6: the future

by The Commission on the Donor Experience

What will the future hold for emotional fundraising?

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