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  • A simple equation, plus three big reasons to buy this book by Craig Linton There are many good books on fundraising, says Craig Linton, but not many truly great ones. Retention Fundraising by Roger Craver of the Agitator is one of those books and is an instant classic. At its heart is the simple equation: retention + commitment = increased lifetime value. Read it, find the big reasons – and banish attrition forever.
  • Advertising’s earliest genius and how he can help your advertisements to work better, predictably by Claude Hopkins You shouldn’t miss Claude C Hopkins’ new book.Actually Scientific Advertising was first published 91 years ago, so new it really isn’t. But if its content is new to you, says SOFII’s reviewer, this concise classic can still teach you valuable lessons to improve your communication skills and enhance your career too. Hopkins was, by rather a long way, the highest paid advertising person of his generation. Find out why here
  • Do you want to increase your fundraising income by spending a tenner? by Laura Croudace If you are looking for a fundraising mentor, you won’t go wrong with this book says Laura Croudace in her review of Rob Woods new work, The Fundraiser Who Wanted More.
  • How we deal with data, why it matters and why we’ve really got to get this right, right now by Ken Burnett Access to and control of data is becoming more and more restricted, which will have serious repercussions on UK charities, so we need to get how we deal with data right - now. This is the realisation Ken Burnett came to after reading Steve MacLaughlin’s Data Driven Nonprofits and his conclusions are essential reading for all fundraisers. 
  • The six essential building blocks of fundraising success by Roewen Wishart A fundraising text from Australia is unusual, says Roewenn Wishart. Read his review of Yes You Can Fund It by Shannon Anderson, which he says is well worth reading whether you’re new to fundraising or an old hand.
  • Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money by Amy Eisenstein A presentation with a difference – a review of a rather good book that will get your board members fundraising with enormous success.