The essence of Cam­paign­ing Fundrais­ing in 52 exhibits and 199 web links — get your copy today!

The essence of Cam­paign­ing Fundrais­ing in 52 exhibits and 199 web links is the lat­est book by Ken Bur­nett, SOFII co-founder and man­ag­ing trustee.

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May 16, 2021

If you want to change the world, this book is for you.

The essence of Campaigning Fundraising describes in detail how modern-day fundraising should be, how it should be structured, implemented and explained so that our publics, particularly donors and fundraisers themselves, see it as the positive, transformational force for change and good that it surely can be, as well as the best career going for any creative, committed, enthusiastic individual who really wants to make a difference, to change the world.

This is the fundraising book you need on your desk right now. 

It is available for £34 from Civil Sector Press and your copy will come with a free SOFII USB key, fully loaded with all 199 weblinks referenced in the book. 

Published by White Lion Press Limited, 2021. Softback, 228 x 153mm. 203 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9553993-6-7

What is the fundraising community saying about the book?

‘This book deserves to be open on your desk in a place of practical use: dog-eared, marked-up, pages flagged for future world-changing projects. The links and exhibits contained here transformed the way I do my work as a fundraising copywriter (and continue to do so). Use this book daily. I know I will.’

Lisa Sargent, campaigning fundraising copywriter, USA

‘Precious donors guided by campaigning fundraisers want to be inspired, angered, impassioned and given a chance to be heroes... This book, filled with powerful examples accompanied by Ken’s sharp wit and profound insights, is a treasure.’

David Love, author and leading environmental campaigning fundraiser, Canada

‘I love this book, I love its spirit and I think the fundraising sector will love it too...The book and its exhibits will be very encouraging for those looking to join the sector, equipping them to take a donor-focused approach and tell their supporters the right stories in the right way at the right time.’

Ryan Burdock, Associate Director – Fundraising at Prospectus, London, UK

Click here to read the full book review by Tanya Jackson, donor development manager at Cancer Fund for Children, Northern Ireland, UK.

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