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  • Audubon Society of Rhode Island: special recognition of long-time donors by SOFII The Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s superb care for their donors and courage in their approach have produced results that will be the envy of charitable organisations everywhere.
  • Australian Conservation Foundation: end of year appeal by SOFII By changing the way that donors were asked for support, ACF was able to triple income and response with this mailing. It is a brilliant example of a credible, compelling and engaging direct mail piece to a warm audience.
  • Blue Cross: a brand refresh by SOFII This charity’s brand refresh is different from many others because it puts supporters and their deep love and concern for pets first. It’s designed to meet fundraising objectives as well as brand awareness.
  • Blue Cross: Tap Dogs by SOFII Terrific innovation by animal charity Blue Cross who found a funny and eye-catching way to get their rescue dogs to lend their paws to the cause.
  • Defenders of Wildlife: multi-channel direct marketing integration by SOFII With more nonprofits engaging in online marketing, those that are coordinating their messages or campaigns across many channels are standing out above the crowd.Defenders of Wildlife are leaders in the field and here we look at three of their campaigns to highlight some of the best multi-channel integrated marketing in the sector.
  • Dogs Trust canine care card by SOFII This is really clever fundraising. The Dogs Trust (formerly National Canine Defence League) offers its supporters the chance to join their canine care scheme which ensures that if they die before their beloved pet dog, NCDL will promise to look after the dog for all its natural life. Is that idea going to appeal to an elderly dog-loving donor? We think so. So, which charity is that dog-loving donor likely to leave a legacy to, then? There are no prizes for getting this right, unless you are The Dogs Trust, who've raised £millions from this scheme.
  • Home for Hope: using IKEA furniture displays to advertise homeless dogs by SOFII Small organisations simply don’t have the budget to promote their cause and have to come up with innovative solutions. This inventive campaign in Singapore started with Home for Hope with help from IKEA and demonstrated how you can make your house a home by adopting a dog.
  • Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: ‘Just $5’ email appeal by SOFII This is a simple yet effective fundraising email campaign, with straightforward wording and a low level ask.
  • RSPCA New South Wales: cupcake day by SOFII The brilliant thing about this idea is that the supporters do most of the work and they have a great time too.
  • The Dogs Trust: sponsor a dog scheme, television commercials by SOFII These television commercials are really part of the Dogs Trust sponsor a dog exhibit but they show such good use of DRTV they are worth an additional airing here. Unusually for nonprofit DRTV in the United Kingdom these ads made a profit from their first showing. Quite exceptionally, the early ads achieved a return on investment of five to one.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne: direct mail acquisition by SOFII The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne, Australia is not just an exemplary practitioner of donor-centred relationship fundraising, they are also highly original and innovative. This pack is a perfect example of how important it is to constantly strive to improve DM fundraising tools.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home, Melbourne: Friend of PAWs microsite by SOFII Although in recent years the Internet has by any definition come into its own as an indispensable tool for fundraisers, most are still not adept at using the medium to acquire new donors. So the Lost Dogs’ Home’s successful experience of online acquisition should be closely watched by many.
  • The Shires of Wood Green by SOFII An interesting take on animal sponsorship, created for an organisation that is fortunate to have a very attractive and substantial animal shelter in an attractive setting deep in the English countryside, where it is able to create a special world for regular donors.
  • The Wildlife Conservation Society and Bronx Zoo: adopt-a-cockroach scheme by SOFII Taking the traditional ‘adopt an animal’ template often used by animal welfare organisations, The Wildlife Conservation Society in partnership with Bronx Zoo in New York, USA, have raised it to a whole new level.
  • Toronto Humane Society's ‘Benjamin’ year end mailing by SOFII The Toronto Humane Society told a simple story well, sharing the case of Benjamin Buddy, an ‘orphaned’ dog with high care costs, via an eye-catching mail-out. It gave them an opportunity to thank their donors and share information on how their gifts were making a difference.
  • Wood Green Animal Shelters: hungry mouths SMS Christmas campaign by SOFII The fundraising team at Wood Green Animal Shelters decided to be brave and try something new in their Christmas campaign – and it paid off. Their successful SMS campaign resulted in new donors and new gifts.
  • Wood Green Animal Shelters: urgent £3 food appeal by SOFII Wood Green, The Animals Charity changed their fundraising strategy and are now achieving better ROIs on their cold recruitment campaigns than ever before.
  • WWF: Virtual reality tiger experience by SOFII Experiential marketing and virtual reality are a roaring success for WWF UK's Adopt a Tiger face-to-face campaign.