Dogs Trust canine care card

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April 09, 2009
Medium of Communication
Posters, press advertising.
Target Audience
Awareness, legacy.
Type of Charity
Environmental/ animals.
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Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

This is really clever fundraising. The Dogs Trust (formerly National Canine Defence League) offers its supporters the chance to join their canine care scheme which ensures that if they die before their beloved pet dog, NCDL will promise to look after the dog for all its natural life. Is that idea going to appeal to an elderly dog-loving donor? We think so. So, which charity is that dog-loving donor likely to leave a legacy to, then? There are no prizes for getting this right, unless you are The Dogs Trust, who've raised £millions from this scheme.

Creator / originator

Burnett Associates Limited.

Summary / objectives

To persuade pet owners to carry the canine care card. This would fulfill two main objectives for the Dogs Trust. First, they could encourage people who might be elderly and living alone to notify them of their pets and their needs. After all, Dogs Trust exists to help care for pets whose owners are no longer around. Secondly, this could be a great platform for legacy fundraising, as SOFII says, above.


The Dogs Trust welcomes legacies and wants to care for dogs whose owners can’t do it themselves.

Special characteristics

Funny and effective


What a concept – ‘I want my dog to keep on smiling’. I mean, who thought of that?

Other relevant information

If you have any information on this campaign, please contact SOFII.

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Great fundraising can sometimes be really funny too, as these ads prove.
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This advertisement is aimed at solicitors/legal advisers. The other two ads are variations of the original laughing dog advertisement, which was aimed at dog owners.