Mass­a­chu­setts Soci­ety for the Pre­ven­tion of Cru­el­ty to Ani­mals: Just $5’ email appeal

Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
September, 2010

SOFII’s view

This exhibit is a good example of a very simple yet effective fundraising email campaign. With straightforward wording and a low level ask, MSPCA were able to attract a wide range of new donors and raise funds.

Creator / originator

Diane Wald.

Summary / objectives

We wanted to experiment with a quick, off-schedule, simply worded email appeal to raise money and attract new monthly donors.


We had never tried anything like this before but had heard that other organisations had successfully asked for smaller amounts so we decided to go ahead and try our own version.

Special characteristics

We decided to ask for a donation of five dollars, hoping that such a small amount would attract a wide range of donors and that some donors would choose to give more.

We created a simple email ask that was sent to the entire MSPCA email list (81,000 names). Additionally, we also put a special panel on the home page of our website that asked ‘What will $5 buy?’ and linked it to the donation form.  

Influence / impact

The appeal was very successful. So far, it has raised over $9,000 from almost 600 donors. We have 243 new supporters and 53 new monthly donors. Donations are still coming from the panel on the home page.

We are currently planning other ways to use this appeal in the new year, including a direct mail appeal.  


We have currently raised $9,000 and donations still continue to come in.


This email appeal was simple, cost-effective and attracted many new donors. The request for five dollars suited the current financial climate. By asking for such a small amount, we have attracted a lot of new donors who perhaps would not have given had we asked for $10 or $20 but may give more in the future.