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  • A bad ad at a bad time by SOFII Domestic violence has been on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, so Women’s Aid wanted to highlight the issue and ask for donations. However, this bad ad shows how not to try and raise money. 
  • Brand cops mandate stupid Haiti ad by Jeff Brooks It would be best not to follow this example of fundraising for the disaster in Haiti. Or so Jeff Brooks thinks.
  • Donor-centric but stupid? It’s possible by Jeff Brooks Sometimes a stupid nonprofit ad campaign has an odd little grain of smart in it, like this print ad campaign here on SOFII. Do you agree with Jeff Brooks when he says that it doesn’t quite make it, as a way to raise money?
  • Spot the elementary mistake in this advertisement by Andrew Papworth Embracing the Internet is of course crucial for modern charities. Andrew Papworth, however, argues that this World Food Programme ad makes the mistake of ignoring an important section of society by focusing so heavily on online users.
  • Storm ad that ignores humanity by Jeff Brooks If you want to unlock people’s philanthropy, says Jeff Brooks, don’t take the humanity out of your fundraising. Make sure your donors see who needs their help and what they can do.
  • This ad imagines donors look like dead bodies by Jeff Brooks Jeff Brooks thinks the people at the UN wanted us to take part in events for the millennium development goals campaign, but he’s not sure. They never actually say that. They just hint at it.