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  • Bhopal Medical Appeal: press advertisements by Indra Sinha On one awful night in 1984 the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India exploded sending clouds of poisonous gas across the city that would kill tens of thousands of people and inflict misery and suffering on future generations. Thus began the Bhopali people’s search for justice and treatment, which led to the founding of the BMA, whose advertisements have become the symbols of a crime that, more than 25 years later, still inflicts unimaginable suffering and still goes unpunished. The Bhopal Medical Appeal campaigns to change this, through its fundraising.
  • British Red Cross: the £7.7 billion appeal that changed British fundraising forever by SOFII The Duke of Gloucester’s Red Cross and St John Appeal Fund is the largest charitable fund in the history of British fundraising, raising the equivalent of £7.7 billion. This monumental exhibit should be read by all.
  • Direct mail from the UK by SOFII Contributors From Friends of the Earth to Greenpeace, the RSPB to Mencap: a collection of the best direct mail campaigns from the UK.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society, Holland: television commercial by SOFII This remarkable television commercial is so powerful it stops the viewer in his/her tracks. Yet not a word is spoken, the message is entirely conveyed in movements, gestures and looks. This a brilliant use of television, a courageous creative presentation of the personal impact of a devastating disease. It will be instructive for anyone working in a similar field and many others too.
  • NSPCC ‘Open Your Eyes’ direct response TV ad by Giles Pegram CBE A powerful and heart-rending direct response TV ad by the NSPCC showcases the organisation's dedication to its mission, donors and beneficiaries.
  • NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign - a fundraising triumph. Part five: recognition and consolidation by Giles Pegram CBE The Full Stop appeal itself was only one chapter in the story of this groundbreaking campaign, as Giles Pegram reveals how the NSPCC ensured its donors were properly recognised and its success in the appeal was consolidated.
  • RNLI: the legacy letter by SOFII This is a classic example of a direct appeal to supporters, asking for information that will help plan future income. The candid, plain-speaking, respectful copy reminds supporters that RNLI relies heavily on legacies to fund their work. You can read the whole thing here.
  • SOFII’s best of the best showcase - introduction and contents by SOFII This showcase collates all the greatest fundraising campaigns currently on SOFII. Be prepared to be inspired and amazed by the very best fundraising ever. And you can suggest other appeals or projects that resonated with you as well.
  • The (almost) complete reading list for fundraisers by Lisa Sargent If you're starting out in fundraising and are wondering where to get the knowledge you need, this list of inspirational books is for you.
  • The best of the best of direct mail by SOFII Contributors We bring you the best of the best: 17 incredible packs that we feel every fundraiser should be aware of and learn from.
  • The treehouse of knowledge – the 34 fundamental foundations of fundraising by Ken Burnett Of all the nuggets of essential fundraising knowledge buried within all the lists, books and articles ever written, which would be the one list, that you’d choose to hang directly above your space, your workplace? This is that list. 
  • Welcome to SOFII’s direct mail showcase: contents and index by Joe Burnett Welcome to SOFII's direct mail, door drops and household deliveries showcase. We bring you a hatful of exceptional examples and words of wisdom that highlight the best direct mail and demonstrate how you can create your own brilliant packs and campaigns.