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  • Dogs Trust: ‘Home from Home’ direct mail appeal by Amber Gerrard-Maxwell This bright, bold and compelling fundraising campaign from Dogs Trust exceeded all expectations. With a record number of dogs in need of homes, the ‘Home from Home’ appeal raised vital funds to expand the charity’s foster caring network. It smashed its targets and saved many dogs who had nowhere else to go. 
  • From the Myth Smashers: Guess what? Mid value donors are not major donors in disguise! by Kate Rule Just like the cliché of the middle child, mid value donors can sometimes be forgotten, ignored, or swept up in other segments. But 2023 Myth Smashers winner Kate Rule believes that mid value donors are not major donors in disguise! Keep reading to discover why Kate wants you to rethink your stewardship strategy for mid value donors.
  • Hercule Van Wolfwinkle: ‘Bad’ pet portraits fundraiser by Tony Banks What do ‘bad’ pet portraits have to do with fundraising? Click here to read the inspiring story of how one person raised more than £200,000 for charity – simply by drawing furry friends from around the world.  
  • Is this really the best fundraising proposition of all time? And is it good development? by Lyndall Stein The benefits, challenges and opportunities of child sponsorship as seen by Lyndall Stein, with additional material by Ken Burnett – two former directors of the international development charity ActionAid. 
  • Islamic Relief: ‘Saving lives isn't easy’ video by Joe Burnett A funny, intelligent video (featuring star in the making Yusuf) demonstrates the complexity of international aid and why organisations such as Islamic Relief are so important in the global fight against poverty.
  • St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation: ‘One Song’ direct mail by John Lepp This warm direct mail appeal has it all. Using great copy and simple and effective design, the appeal begins a beautiful conversation with each donor. Unsurprisingly, the results and emotional responses from supporters of St. Pat’s prove that taking time to craft a special appeal can really pay off. Dive in and get inspired before writing your next appeal.
  • The Salvation Army: Coronavirus response campaign by Gemma Reeve This multi-platform campaign shows the importance of flexibility in fundraising, especially during the time of coronavirus.