Islam­ic Relief: Sav­ing lives isn’t easy’ video

Exhibited by
Islamic Relief.
August 16, 2018
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Individual donors.
Type of Charity
International relief/development.
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
May 2, 2018

SOFII’s view

We love this video. It's simple but funny and features a brilliant central figure in Yusuf, one of Islamic Relief’s fundraisers who shows a natural flare for comic timing. But of course it’s all about the core message that organising an individual aid programme is fraught with difficulties and challenges, which is why organisations such as Islamic Relief exist to help the most at-risk people in the world.


All too often we see scenes of chaotic ‘do-it-yourself’ style aid distribution with people throwing aid from trucks and vans to crowds of refugees.

From safeguarding vulnerable children and adults, cultural sensitivities, governmental procedures and bureaucracy and even looking after your own safety, aid distribution is harder than it looks. This is exactly what Yusuf, one of Islamic Relief’s fundraisers soon discovered in this hilarious but poignant video.

With over 30 years’ experience in the field, Islamic Relief knows how to get things done in the safest, most efficient and dignified manner. Since 1984, they have saved and changed more than 117 million lives around the world. Right now they are working in more than 40 countries, ready to assist the most vulnerable people.

Islamic Relief not only responds to emergencies, we also support communities to rebuild their lives and increase resilience to ensure they are prepared for when a disaster happens.

They work to empower communities and ensure that all their staff are sufficiently trained, experienced and safeguarded as much as possible.

Summary / objectives

The idea for this campaign is to get a serious message across in a light-hearted way and make people think about what goes into delivering the aid their gifts make possible.

As part of Islamic Relief’s 2018 Ramadan campaign, they created this video featuring Yusuf, a member of their fundraising team who is already creating waves (some people think he’s a film star and let’s face it, he has the charisma) with his humour and personality.

This is not the first time that Islamic Relief has deployed humour in a fundraising video – take a look at this video featuring the British Muslim actor and comedian, Guz Khan (star of the hit TV show ‘Man like Mobeen’)


Humour is a valuable asset in videos such as this, as it helps drive the core information. In a short but snappy film, the incredible complications around getting aid to people in need on an individual level are uncovered, highlighting why organisations like Islamic Relief are so important. It also helps that Yusuf is a funny, endearing and hugely likeable person. The video also subtly highlights Western stereotypical views of developing countries, a nice touch.


44,480 views and counting since the video was launched in May 2018.

Other relevant information

Here's another lovely video as part of Islamic Relief’s 2018 Ramadan campaign:

Islamic Relief are running food distribution programmes in war-torn Syria.
Islamic Relief have over thirty years’ experience in the field.
Yusuf’s funny journey explores the difficulties in delivering aid on a ‘do-it-yourself’ level and shows why organisations like Islamic Relief are so important.