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  • CDE project 12: inspirational creativity by The Commission on the Donor Experience This project will seek to define both the potential and the desired standards for creative endeavour and also to define the ethical dilemmas around creative messaging with a view to improving understanding of what donors might find acceptable and unacceptable.
  • CDE project 18 section 2: the approach to compiling case examples by The Commission on the Donor Experience Content outline.
  • CDE project 18 section 3: action 1 - understand the paradigm shift by The Commission on the Donor Experience Putting the principles & actions into practice.
  • CDE project 18 section 3.1: action 2 - adopt the right mindset by The Commission on the Donor Experience Adopting the right mindset is probably the most important action of all. It is what you need in place at the outset and it influences the actions that follow. In time, it will be part of the overall culture within the organisation.
  • CDE project 18 section 3.2: action 3 - ask the question ‘WHY do we exist?’ by The Commission on the Donor Experience ‘With consistency people will see and hear without a shadow of a doubt what you believe.’ Simon Sinek
  • CDE project 18 section 3.7: action 8 - set up new measures by The Commission on the Donor Experience Adopting a mindset of how to inspire people to spread your story rather than target them for money will need new measures away from direct ROI. 
  • CDE project 23: part 4 - project 12 - 17 by The Commission on the Donor Experience 12. Inspirational creativity 13. Giving choices and managing preferences 14. Getting the right people as fundraisers 15. The role of trustee boards and senior management 16. A distinctive service culture 17. Leadership
  • How the RNLI made me a donor by Kathryn Holloway Kathryn Holloway of Friends of the Earth shares the story of how she became a donor, inspired from a young age by a unique collection box.
  • Inspiration is scary by Alan Clayton Alan Clayton shows us how to find a great ‘why?’ and how the best organisations do this by reaching for impossible ambitions. And it’s scary. But as Alan says, it’s also necessary.
  • Operation Raleigh: toilet paper mailing by SOFII Truly, the best fundraising is almost invariably the most simple and most direct. This mailing also successfully shows the value of writing ‘from the field’, in a distinctive way.
  • Richard Turner’s great story by Richard Turner Richard Turner's advice for all fundraisers is to have a great story to tell. And the place to start looking for it is among all the people who benefit from the cause you fundraise for.
  • Serve or inspire? That is the question by Richard Turner Inspire is often a misused word in the fundraising world but it is not just a way of recruiting and even retaining donors. Inspiration can go much, much further.