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  • ALS Foundation Netherlands: I have already died by SOFII This powerful and moving campaign gives a storytelling platform to people who have ALS.
  • Battersea Dogs and Cats Home: ‘Leaving a gift in your will’ TV ad by Gina Hollands Since this upbeat, inspiring television ad started airing in 2020 it has helped generate over 1,000 legacy information pack requests. But how did the fundraisers do it? Keep reading to discover how Battersea Dogs and Cats Home created a legacy television ad that’s proven its worth over the past three years… and counting.
  • Centrepoint ‘sponsor a room’: donor acquisition by SOFII This exhibit is proof that traditional direct response fundraising can still work in the current fundraising climate. It demonstrates simple yet effective press advertising combined with a clever use of digital technology.
  • Dogs Trust: sponsor a dog by SOFII One of the most imaginative, instructive adaptations of the concept fundraisers have dubbed ‘the best fundraising proposition of all time’.
  • HIV/AIDS Alliance: ‘Come Together’ a bold and risqué TV advert by Joe Burnett A bold and adventurous campaign by The HIV/AIDS Alliance called ‘We Come Together’. In the most risqué TV advert ever broadcast on UK television, late at night, of course, they celebrated safe sex and prompted viewers to visit a bespoke website where they could buy a cheeky safe sex kit, the profits from which would go to the global battle against AIDs. Please note this case study contains explicit content. Viewer discretion advised. The video in this exhibit is sexually explicit so please don’t view it if you are likely to be offended. 
  • Islamic Relief: ‘Hey, you with the beard!’ Ramadan fundraising by SOFII These short, dramatic, upbeat videos, combined with a matched funding opportunity, led to a fantastic fundraising proposition for charity Islamic Relief.
  • IWITOT 2020: Blue Peter Totaliser and TV appeals by Joe Nicholson Joe Nicholson of Consider Creative heralds the weird and wonderful appeals of UK TV’s Blue Peter, and their iconic Totaliser.
  • NO MORE's Super Bowl 49 PSA: Listen by SOFII This ad to raise awareness of domestic violence simply and chillingly depicts a 911 call of a woman pretending to order a pizza with her attacker still in the house.
  • Oxfam UK: the £2.00 a month proposition to new donors by SOFII Oxfam’s first foray into television advertising was a disaster and they very nearly ditched the whole thing. But a chance remark turned disaster into a monumental success and added a new dimension to recruiting new donors.
  • SickKids: ‘together we will’ campaign by SOFII This campaign from SickKids Foundation exceeded all of their goals through terrific use of video and proves the power of good storytelling.
  • The Dogs Trust: sponsor a dog scheme, television commercials by SOFII These television commercials are really part of the Dogs Trust sponsor a dog exhibit but they show such good use of DRTV they are worth an additional airing here. Unusually for nonprofit DRTV in the United Kingdom these ads made a profit from their first showing. Quite exceptionally, the early ads achieved a return on investment of five to one.
  • THE PLAN: the launch of child sponsorship, Spain 1937 by SOFII This exhibit focuses on a documentary film made by Plan International, which shows how the idea of child sponsorship emerged and grew as a response to the dangers faced by children in the Spanish civil war, more than 70 years ago.