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  • Advantage Africa: Christmas gift wrapping offer by SOFII Your volunteers can be powerful donors for your cause. Advantage Africa uses the simple service of offering a Christmas gift-wrapping service in a local shopping centre that raises a substantial amount of money for their work in Kenya and Uganda. This is an idea that could be adapted to raise money all over the world.
  • Are you asking for gifts personally, face-to-face? by Simone Joyaux Simone Joyaux has a wealth of experience in how to talk to donors and asks a very pertinent question: are you asking for gifts personally, face-to-face?
  • Bernie Barnstorms – I Wish I’d Thought Of That by Fiona Pattison Take inspiration from volunteer-led barnstorms for Bernie Sanders’ remarkable presidential campaign. Feel the Bern! 
  • CDE project 11d community section 1 by The Commission on the Donor Experience The approach & Value of the Community Fundraising Sector.
  • CDE project 11d community section 2 by The Commission on the Donor Experience Putting the principles and actions into practice - Volunteering - Methodology
  • CDE project 11d summary: community by The Commission on the Donor Experience Community fundraising is sometimes referred to as regional, local or volunteer fundraising, and encompasses a broad spectrum of fundraising work that takes place either on or offline in the community.
  • Cure Cancer Australia: ‘can too’ sporting events by SOFII Young people raise money for a great cause while being coached by professionals in a whole variety of sporting skills.
  • Durham Cathedral in LEGO: innovative buy-a-brick fundraising by Sue Kershaw An innovative version of traditional buy-a-brick fundraising with a spectacular totaliser and easily replicable as a fundraising mechanic. 
  • Enabling volunteers to do the right stuff by Simone Joyaux Simone Joyaux is determined to help nonprofits get their governance right. In her latest article for SOFII she writes about the importance of enabling your volunteers.
  • Help the Oma by Ben Swart Having trouble finding volunteers for your charity? If yes, then please go to this great case history. Its splendid use of video shows that people really do want to help others less fortunate – you just have to give them a way to do it.
  • KiKa (Children’s Cancer Free Foundation): Events fundraising success by Joe Burnett Discover how a Dutch charity managed to lead the way in both event fundraising and donor relations.
  • Lend a hand and help SOFII by SOFII SOFII is a charity registered in the United Kingdom. Our goal has, and always will be, to support fundraisers around the world and share the very best of fundraising’s past and present. But with limited funds, this means we are always open to offers of help from friends like you!
  • Macmillan Cancer Support: the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning by SOFII What would fundraising be without volunteers? Another great exhibit that shows how partnerships can turn a simple idea into pure gold.
  • Savvy students volunteer to help charities in times of crisis by Anna McDaid Studenteer pairs student volunteers looking for professional experience with charities that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a smart collaboration, in a time of crisis. 
  • SOFII volunteer translators by Carolina Herrera THANK YOU for showing an interest in translating content for the SOFII website. This page is a quick introduction for you and will explain your role as a volunteer translator. It will give you all the information you need on how to get started, in just five easy steps!
  • United Way Hungary: ‘why do I help?’ campaign by SOFII This campaign raised additional funds from corporate sponsors, increased the number of donations from employees and raised awareness of giving and volunteering.
  • University of Washington: ‘stuff the bus’ campaign. by SOFII ‘Stuff the bus’ campaigns are fundraising events all over North America, each organised entirely by volunteers in their local towns with great success.
  • Youth for Causes: stimulating fundraising in Singapore by SOFII In this innovative exhibit, a partnership between Citigroup and YMCA Singapore demonstrates the power of youth.