Crisis fundraising

The coronavirus outbreak was a turning point for all of society and so many lives were forever changed by the events of 2020. But this presented an opportunity for fundraisers - to be better, bolder, more creative and to harness our power of solidarity. In this series, SOFII  demonstrates how charities can make the most of times of crisis by banding together and producing transformative fundraising.

World-changers at Work - The Good Suspended video series part one

by Francesco Ambrogetti

All around the world, people are doing amazing things to help others cope during the coronavirus pandemic. Italian fundraiser Francesco Ambrogetti shares some of his favourites in this video series, entitled The Good Suspended.

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The face-to-face fundraisers back on the street after lockdown

by Peter Steinmayer

As face-to-face fundraising markets slowly reopened in parts of Europe, Peter Steinmayer, Head of Face-to-Face at the Austrian Fundraising Association (Fundraising Verband Austria), shared his insights from the fundraisers’ first days back on the streets of Vienna.

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Fundraising successes at a time of catastrophe - part two

by Ken Burnett

From the USA to Italy, Great Britain to Australia and beyond, fundraisers are showing how we can all make a difference. in these difficult times in part two of this collaborative article.

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Fundraising in a time of crisis: could this be fundraising’s finest hour?

by Ken Burnett

We’ve seen quarantined Italians serenading each other from their balconies - what can fundraisers learn from such solidarity? Ken Burnett explains all.

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Bluefrog Fundraising’s free resources for creating a coronavirus appeal

by Mark Phillips

During uncertain times it’s refreshing to find that people are offering help to fundraisers and charities who may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. One such hero is Mark Phillips of UK agency Bluefrog Fundraising, who provides much-needed support, advice and useful templates in this excellent blog post.

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Right now, the supporter experience matters more than ever

by Joe Burnett

How are you going to maintain an excellent donor experience for your supporters in this time of crisis? Six expert fundraisers explain how their organisations are reacting to coronavirus, whilst still ensuring they are there for those who give to them.

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Islamic Relief UK: Raising £180,000 via WhatsApp and Facebook messaging

by Emily Collins-Ellis

A clever and modern use of technology by Islamic Relief UK demonstrates how regular interaction with major donors can yield great results by bringing them closer to the charity’s cause.

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Friends of the Earth: Looking after supporters when the media storm hit


When a media storm hit the sector and put fundraising under the microscope, Friends of the Earth acted quickly to get in touch with their donors. They gave them the opportunity to comment both frankly and freely on how the organisation was communicating with them. But what did their supporters have to say?

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