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  • 7 days 7 gifts – part of Give India’s ‘joy of giving’ week by SOFII Can one person really change the world? Well, as this exhibit demonstrates, he can certainly make a very good start. This is a wonderful example of how one man’s idea can motivate many.
  • Akshaya Patra, India: winners of an international competition to change the world by SOFII A prize-winning initiative from India. Akshaya Patra has, quite simply, set up the world's largest school feeding programme, providing more than one million school dinners every school day. This vast undertaking clearly has appeal to corporate donors, for it attracted the attention of American Express when they were running a competition to find projects that have real impact.
  • Dream a Dream: Newspaper Campaign by SOFII A brilliant way of raising money without actually asking for any. It can be easily copied, as long as anyone copying can guarantee the same consistency, which is part of the campaign’s success. Dream a Dream ensures that once a commitment is made, newspapers are collected every month, even if it is just three kilos.
  • Dream a Dream’s ‘uncrush a dream’ campaign by SOFII From India, this 'uncrush a dream' concept is a brilliant idea for engaging donors, whether it used when introducing and explaining a cause to passers-by in the street or as people gather at organised events.
  • Dream-a-Dream Foundation: ‘dine for a good cause’ campaign by SOFII Dream a Dream is one of a small but growing band of entrepreneurial Indian NGOs that are building a vibrant and progressive nonprofit sector in India. The idea behind this campaign is simple but stunningly effective, creating a win/win situation for both commercial partner and cause.
  • Give India’s Joy of Giving Week by SOFII This is a truly great initiative and one that we're sure will be a big success. The Joy of Giving week is a first of its kind in India, and rather than being an individual fundraising activity, it acts as a platform for many NGOs across the country to raise funds for their operations.
  • GiveIndia’s electronic newsletters: opening a door to effective giving in India by SOFII E-mailed newsletters are common nowadays but few have the simple directness and sheer appeal of this example from GiveIndia. GiveIndia's October 2008 newsletter starkly presents the great social challenges that face the sub-continent, but then it succinctly encourages donors by showing them how they can get involved and make a difference.
  • Grannies’ Pizzas for Vishranthi Old People’s Home by SOFII How can two ladies, in their seventies, collect over 10 million rupees to build an old age home? It would be difficult for anyone to answer that question, particularly when the correct answer is – by selling pizzas. The case is an inspiration for anyone who believes in following their dreams.
  • Greenpeace India: SMS lead generation by SOFII Face-to-face fundraising everywhere faces the same problems of high cancellation rates and low retention. This innovative, adventurous approach to pre-qualifying leads for F2F is particularly interesting in that it was first developed and tested in India. The SMS lead generation campaign is a filter mechanism designed to source ‘warm prospects’.
  • Is Asian charity different from Western charity? by SOFII Looking for some insight into fundraising in Asia? Mitchell Hinz has some advice.
  • ITIHAS (I Think I Have a Solution) leadership workshop by SOFII If you want to find new angles on fundraising, SOFII has long been an advocate of keeping a close eye on what’s happening in India.
  • Richard Turner’s great story by Richard Turner Richard Turner's advice for all fundraisers is to have a great story to tell. And the place to start looking for it is among all the people who benefit from the cause you fundraise for.
  • The German Leprosy Relief Association: ‘Different Strokes’, the art show with a difference by SOFII Different strokes – an art show with a cause – organised by the German Leprosy Relief Associaiton in India created a world of opportunity for disabled, or rather differently-able, adults and children artists by giving them the opportunity to show – and sell – their work alongside that of professionals.
  • The India Giving Challenge by SOFII By harnessing a competitive element to fundraising, GiveIndia were able to provide a new and unusual opportunity for all involved.
  • The Magic Bus: corporate customers pay for a facility that helps poor kids by SOFII How corporate customers enable an innovative charity to raise money to pay for a unique development facility for disadvantaged youngsters.
  • UNICEF India: the ‘tele-facing’ campaign by SOFII This novel approach to re-qualifying potential major donors sits between telephone and face-to-face fundraising. It is an example of how telephone fundraising and face-to-face fundraising are evolving and being adapted in India to take account of the country’s large population and distinctive business culture – with quite impressive results.
  • Youthreach: ‘if I were rain’ publishing for a good cause by SOFII This book poignantly captures how children retain their intelligence and innocence despite the most trying circumstances. This book transforms lives. And raises money too.