GiveIndia’s elec­tron­ic newslet­ters: open­ing a door to effec­tive giv­ing in India

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October 26, 2009
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family, disabilities, education, environmental/animals, healthcare, human rights & civil liberties, seniors, women.
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
November, 2008.

SOFII’s view

E-mailed newsletters are common nowadays but few have the simple directness and sheer appeal of this example from GiveIndia. Describing itself as an online philanthropy marketplace, GiveIndia is a service set up specifically to enable donors around the world to give to Indian causes with trust and confidence, knowing they will get feedback on how their gift has been used. GiveIndia screens NGOs in India and gives them a rating based on transparency and credibility, so that donors in India can be reassured that their decision to give is sound. GiveIndia's October 2008 newsletter starkly presents the great social challenges that face the sub-continent, but then it succinctly encourages donors by showing them how they can get involved and make a difference. The emphasis always is on transparency and accountability.

Summary / objectives is a donation platform that allows donors to support a cause of their choice from more than a hundred nonprofit organisations in India that have been scrutinised for transparency and credibility. Donors are informed exactly where their money went and are given proof of it through feedback reports. At least 90 per cent of a donor's contribution reaches the organisation (as against an average of 60 per cent for the nonprofit sector in India).


GiveIndia was set up in 2000 to promote a 'giving culture' in India. Our mission is to promote efficient and effective giving that provides opportunities for the underprivileged in India.

Special characteristics

Being India's first 'online philanthropy marketplace', our website enables individuals to donate to causes of their choice. Individuals and NGOs can even create their own online fundraising page and raise funds for specific causes. Our online payroll giving programme (launched in 2004) enables employees to create charity accounts where they can collect a part of their salary every month and eventually donate it to a cause of their choice.

Influence / impact

Over the last eight years, we have received 100,000 donations totalling over Rs.55crores (550 million rupees, approximately US$11,500,000) to more than 150 NGOs all over India, which have had a huge impact on one million lives.

Our payroll giving programme has over 26,000 donors contributing more than Rs. 60lacs per month (6 million rupees, approximately US$125,000) and is growing fast.


This is very good fundraising. In particular it's a sharp example of an effective electronic newsletter, but this exhibit also exemplifies the work of a great new electronic-age organisation, a really crucial resource for India's emerging and thriving voluntary sector.

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GiveIndia varies its style and approach in its regular newsletters to donors, so it’s always interesting, engaging and even surprising. It is also invariably positive. The first link, above, takes readers to the page immediately below, a first class example of good accountability. As is their mission page, below bottom. No wonder donors wake up with a smile every day!
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This special issue of GiveIndia’s electronic newsletter focuses on the specific problems facing girl children. The first link takes readers to details of an organisation that will help to educate and care for a girl rescued from traffickers.