Dream a Dream: News­pa­per Campaign

Exhibited by
Dream a Dream, Bangalore
August 30, 2009
Medium of Communication
Target Audience
Individuals, volunteering, corporations.
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family.
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
July, 2004.

SOFII’s view

From India, a brilliant way of raising money without actually asking for any. It can be easily copied, as long as anyone copying can guarantee the same consistency, which is part of the campaign’s success. Dream a Dream ensures that once a commitment is made, newspapers are collected every month, even if it is just three kilos. Donors know that the charity is serious about the campaign and values each contribution made.

Creator / originator

Vishal Taljera – director of Dream a Dream

Summary / objectives

Dream a Dream aims to promote the integration of children from diverse backgrounds (from the streets and slums, to children affected with HIV and AIDS) through exposure and empowerment.

In July 2004, Dream a Dream launched the ‘Dream Newspaper Campaign’ that asked their existing network to donate used newspapers. Dream a Dream set out to collect at least 10,000 kilos of newspaper each month, which once sold to the scrap paper buyer would result in 50,000 or 60,000 rupees for their work with children.


The Dream Newspaper Campaign was an email appeal explaining how the average household collects around three kilos of newspapers a month, which if sold at five rupees per kilo would amount to an income of 15 rupees. If Dream a Dream was then able to collect around 10,000 kilos a month this would amount to an income of 50,000 rupees per month, or 600,000 rupees a year.

The email specifically asked:

  1. Homes to donate one month’s newspapers amounting to 3 kilos, to be sold at five rupees for each kilo
  2. Donors to spread the word about the campaign by talking to families in their neighbourhoods and, if possible, make their homes a collection centre
  3. Companies to pledge their newspapers, which would be collected fortnightly or monthly at collection centres set up at various offices by Dream a Dream
  4. Become a Dream newspaper volunteer by selling directly to the scrap paper buyer and then sending the proceeds to Dream a Dream

Dream a Dream organised for a ‘Dream vehicle’ to pick up the newspapers from collection centres

Special characteristics

The Dream Newspaper Campaign asked for a donation in kind, not cash, of a commodity (newspaper) freely available in most people’s homes.

Influence / impact

A small initiative like the Dream Newspaper Campaign has the potential to grow into a large scale operation. If handled well it could raise as much as 100,000 rupees for Dream a Dream every month.


  • Eight commercial organisations have joined the Dream Newspaper Campaign
  • Every month 500 kilos are collected amounting to 2,500 rupees
  • Merits

    This is a very simple concept, that can be replicated by any organisation with the logistical power. It is an example of how an in kind donation can be transformed into a cash donation.

    Money for old newspapers. And quite a lot of it, too. It can spread smiles on children’s faces and even make dreams come true.
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    An email from Dream a Dream’s director explains the campaign.