15 pages tagged with Regular giving:

  • Abortion Support Network: ‘Why do you support ASN?’ by Damian O’Broin By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small Irish charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.
  • Amnesty International: the pen pack by SOFII Amnesty needed a powerful and effective means of recruiting new donors to their great cause. This was it. This was, as far as we know, the first ever occasion when a free pen was included in an acquisition mailing, in the UK at least. This mailing was both brilliantly successful and started a trend that led to a flood of imitators. SOFII has just restructured its massive direct mail, door drops and household deliveries showcase – the world’s biggest and best direct mail swipe file. Check it out here.
  • Amnesty International: throw-away insert campaign by SOFII Amnesty International’s fundraising is rarely other than enterprising, inspirational and effective and this insert doesn’t fail to live up to expectations. Here, Amnesty International used people’s contrary instincts about the medium to their benefit by creating an insert with a warning not to open it.
  • Arrels Fundació: cardboard hearts for the homeless by SOFII Arrels Fundació have come up with an excellent way to wear your heart on your sleeve to raise money and awareness of the growing number of homeless people in Barcelona. It is also easily copied.
  • At last, some genuinely fresh thinking in press advertising from a charity by Andrew Papworth Discover what’s so special about this ad from Sightsavers that it made Andrew Papworth go ‘Wow!’
  • Book Aid International: the Reverse Book Club by SOFII This medium level structured monthly giving scheme is a good example of a fundraising product that has been specifically designed to fit the needs of donors to a very particular and specific cause.
  • Breakthrough Breast Cancer: ‘touch look check’ campaign by SOFII This campaign successfully united two aims: to increase knowledge of the warning signs of breast cancer and recruit a large number of regular givers.
  • Greenpeace Frontline: launch of a high level monthly giving scheme by Charlotte Grimshaw This was an early monthly giving scheme by Greenpeace UK. Within a short while, one fifth of all its income was coming from Frontline members.
  • Harry Perkins Institute: Habit tracker regular giving acquisition by Paige Gibbs The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (aka the Perkins) revolutionised its fundraising with a superb – and successful – push to attract more regular givers. 
  • Médecins sans Frontières: ‘field partners’ by SOFII Without doubt all fundraisers want regular givers and lots of them. This is a great example of how to convert your existing supporters from random one-off gifts to planned regular giving, and how charities can change the giving behaviour of existing supporters.
  • Mind Pause Box by Caroline Appleton A beautifully designed self-care subscription box that was tailor-made for its target audience and encourages regular giving for Mind -the Pause Box is a trailblazer.
  • National Trust for Scotland: ROOTS regular giving campaign by Joe Nicholson For membership organisations, recruiting regular givers isn’t always easy – but with a beautiful new regular giving product, the National Trust for Scotland certainly succeeded.
  • RSPCA: Pet First Aid Guide value exchange campaign by Jonathon Grapsas Discover how the RSPCA in Australia used exceptional fundraising to recruit new regular donors and save the lives of animals in New South Wales and Queensland.
  • The day World Vision welcomed me to their world by Laura Croudace Here is Laura Croudace’s personal account of a new form of face-to-face experiential donor recruitment. It all started when she spotted a mud hut when out shopping with her family one day.
  • The Polish Red Cross: Very Good Manners by SOFII This campaign by the Polish Red Cross showcases guerilla marketing at its most effective and innovative.