Green­peace Front­line: launch of a high lev­el month­ly giv­ing scheme

Exhibited by
Charlotte Grimshaw
August 19, 2009
Medium of Communication
Direct mail.
Target Audience
Individuals, regular gift.
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

This was an early monthly giving scheme promoted on a large scale initially to Greenpeace UK’s supporter base (a mainly ‘flat’ donor file with the majority of ‘members ‘ giving a basic fee of £15.00 per annum, all they’d ever been asked for. Within a short while, Greenpeace UK was able to report that one fifth of all its income was coming from Frontline members and a new way of engaging and forming deep, mutually beneficial relationships with key supporters had been found.

Creator / originator

Greenpeace UK with Burnett Associates.

Summary / objectives

The aim of the Frontline initiative was to create a ‘mid-level’ giving programme – targeted at those who could afford to give more than the average donation, but not at the major gift level, and who wanted a closer and more informed relationship with Greenpeace. And to raise more money for Greenpeace’s work.


Greenpeace UK had experienced huge growth in donor numbers, and our challenge was to segment and find more value in the donor base, but we were not as an organisation ready for a major gift programme. So we decided to see what would happen if we started a ‘higher-value’ monthly giving programme which could be managed mainly through direct marketing and also drew on the unique characteristics of Greenpeace.

Special characteristics

One of the earliest higher value monthly giving programmes in the UK, Frontline used the immediacy and the fantastic media coverage generated by Greenpeace around the world to bring donors closer to the organisation by sending news cuttings and a quarterly video round-up to donors in the mail. We also invited them to special events at the Greenpeace offices to meet the campaign teams.

We also asked for more money than any other programme was asking for at that time – GBP£20 per month. The proposition was also unique – we were asking for money not for boats or specific campaigns, but essentially for a ‘rapid response fund’ to ensure that Greenpeace could always respond quickly to an environmental emergency.

Influence / impact

From the success of the first test mailing, Frontline went on to generate substantial new income from within the existing support base. It gave those donors who signed up a chance to get closer to the organisation – and it proved to the fundraisers at Greenpeace that we could take a risk and turn it into a real success.

Frontline was also copied in many other Greenpeace offices around the world.


Innovative, bold, and successful!.