Nation­al Trust for Scot­land: ROOTS reg­u­lar giv­ing campaign

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Joe Nicholson, Head of Copy, Consider
November 24, 2022
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Direct mail, social media, membership communications, press
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Individual donors
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SOFII’s view

National Trust for Scotland (NTS) and their creative agency Consider wanted to move NTS members away from a transactional relationship – and towards something that spoke to the heart of each supporter. Their ROOTS campaign appealed to these lovers of nature and offered them a chance to protect what makes Scotland so special. Read on to find out how both charity and agency worked together to create a beautiful and successful regular giving product.

Summary / objectives

The National Trust for Scotland has more than 300,000 members. They wanted to inspire a larger proportion of these members to donate and support the organisation’s wide range of conservation work, in addition to paying for membership.

The charity relies on donations to keep looking after some of Scotland’s oldest buildings and most exquisite landscapes – therefore inspiring generous giving is becoming more and more urgent.  

That’s why, with the help of Consider, the fundraising team at the NTS developed a beautiful new fundraising product to generate long-term income for this most precious of institutions. 


For Scots, the National Trust for Scotland is a household name – it’s the custodian of some of the nation’s most treasured castles, gardens, landscapes and wildlife. 

Members adore it, but what many people don’t know is that it’s a charity too, one that relies on public donations. That makes their fundraising a challenge. 

So the fundraising team came to Consider, and asked us to help them develop a product that would raise awareness of their work and inspire long-term generosity – building them a sustainable income stream.

To do it, we started where we always start: with the target audience. Through a deep dive into potential givers – members and non-members alike – we uncovered some profound truths about what the National Trust for Scotland means to them. 

The people we spoke to – both Scots, and those who just love the country – told us how much they value Scottish heritage. The history, the culture, the literature, the outstanding natural beauty: they treasure it. But when it comes to Scotland’s landscapes and biodiversity, they didn’t feel they had their own role in protecting it. 

This led us to a powerful opportunity. The National Trust for Scotland keeps that priceless Scottish heritage safe, so what if we could make regular giving a way to be part of that?

What if we could move away from the transactional relationship that many members have with the organisation to something that speaks to the heart: protecting what makes Scotland so special?

Special characteristics

After much exploration, ROOTS was born. ROOTS is a monthly subscription to Scottish flora. But it’s also a meaningful reminder of Scotland’s unique identity, through all the folklore, mythology and history attached to native plants.

In return for their regular gift, subscribers get seeds to grow – a living piece of Scotland’s heritage for their own garden or balcony. As they nurture their seeds, ROOTS shows them how they’re nurturing Scotland’s most treasured places too – and the wildlife that lives there. 

Through rigorous testing of the product, price point and content, we arrived at a regular giving offering that is enticing to audiences, while enabling the National Trust for Scotland to maximise their income.

By sending packs of Scottish seeds, we gave subscribers a way to nurture Scotland’s flora – quite literally. Through planting and growing the seeds in their garden, window box or balcony, they make Scotland that little bit bigger – as well as protecting the Trust’s beautiful spaces. 

Each pack contains news about the work they’re funding across the country, as well as fascinating folklore, history, and extra-special inclusions like hand-drawn illustrations and original poetry. 

Plus, with exclusive tips from the National Trust for Scotland’s expert gardeners, ROOTS makes subscribers feel totally valued, as well as intimately connected to the nation they love.


Year one has been a resounding success, bringing in £25,000 more than the target. 

And so far, retention has been at a healthy 75 per cent – proving that this regular giving product really is putting down roots. 

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ROOTS is a monthly subscription to Scottish flora. But it’s also a meaningful reminder of Scotland’s unique identity.
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The welcome pack featured tips and easy steps to help the donor when they started planting their seeds.
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Hand drawn images added to the palette for a unique, eye-catching design.
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Email integration meant that facts and information could be sent to the donor digitally too.
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Each seed pack featured a beautiful piece of original poetry and facts about the flower – in this case, wild violets.