13 pages tagged with Youth:

  • ActionAid ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ campaign by SOFII This is a very brave campaign. It talks directly to young people in the language they use everyday, with no punches pulled.
  • Bosnian Handicrafts: ‘shopping with a purpose’ campaign by SOFII This highly professional multi-media campaign from Bosnia shows that inspirational and innovative fundraising can succeed anywhere.
  • Bulgarian Red Cross: ‘one SMS, one hot meal for one Bulgarian child’ campaign by SOFII These campaigns successfully united several established fundraising techniques including building corporate alliances and the use of new and old media.
  • Dr Barnardo’s Homes: four fundraising greats from the distant past by SOFII Dr Thomas Barnardo was one of the Victorian era's great philanthropists. These archive examples of his personal fundraising style and efforts are a unique treasure for the body of fundraising knowledge and best practice.
  • Interval House: the gratitude report by SOFII This great report is hot off the press, so SOFII is looking forward to hearing what the readers think about their gratitude report.
  • Jeans For Genes: statues wearing jeans by SOFII This is an original and fun idea that seems great for attracting awareness and as a backdrop against which the charity can easily rasie money from an intrigued and amused public.
  • Kent Scouts Big Cardboard Sleep Out for Porchlight 2018 by Rachel van Hoven Making excellent use of digital and online technologies and with a motivated and engaged local community, Porchlight, a homelessness charity in Kent, England, succeeded in holding their biggest event ever.
  • Kids Help Phone: buy a kid some time by SOFII This exhibit demonstrates how a simple but powerful message combined with a comprehensive integrated campaign strategy can secure real success.
  • Make–A–Wish Foundation: high value direct mail appeal by Mal Warwick The innovative proposal format singles out this interesting, informative and award-winning direct mail pack for special attention on SOFII.
  • Ministry of Stories: Hoxton Street Monster Supply Store by SOFII Fiendish fun in this creative shop that raises funds for the children's writing and mentoring centre on the same premises that is accessed through a secret door. 
  • Missing People: the online annual review by SOFII How to use the Internet to brilliantly present your flagship publication. In this piece you will see reporting to donors as it should be, easily accessible, transparent, exciting, informative, using all the potential for short, high-impact and memorable messages that makes the Internet such a versatile medium for fundraisers.
  • The perfect annual report by Giles Pegram CBE Veteran fundraiser Giles Pegram CBE argues that most charity annual reports are written about the organisation and don't focus on donors and beneficiaries.
  • UNICEF India: the ‘tele-facing’ campaign by SOFII This novel approach to re-qualifying potential major donors sits between telephone and face-to-face fundraising. It is an example of how telephone fundraising and face-to-face fundraising are evolving and being adapted in India to take account of the country’s large population and distinctive business culture – with quite impressive results.