Bosn­ian Hand­i­crafts: shop­ping with a pur­pose’ campaign

Exhibited by
CSDF Hungary.
June 10, 2010
Medium of Communication
Event, face to face, grant application, online, press advertising
Target Audience
Individuals, corporations, granting organisations
Type of Charity
Children, youth and family, poverty/social justice, public/society benefit, women
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance
May, 2004

SOFII’s view

This highly professional multi-media campaign from Bosnia shows that inspirational and innovative fundraising can succeed anywhere.

Creator / originator

Bosnian Handicrafts (BH).

Summary / objectives

‘Shopping with a purpose’ was the very first resource generating campaign of Bosnian Handicrafts, an association making and selling high quality products to improve the lives of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina – refugees, displaced people, returnees and rural women from different ethnic groups. The idea was to inform local communities about who BH are and what they produce, plus informing people about how BH helps hundreds of women from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to earn self-respect and have dignified living standards. Besides raising funds successfully BH managed to inform disadvantaged women from all over the country about the benefits of joining the programme.

  • To have a return on investment of 1:1.5.
  • To increase local sales of Bosnian Handicrafts products.
  • To increase awareness of how BH benefits underprivileged women.
  • To increase awareness of how the community can help by buying BH products


This campaign was one of the first ever fundraising campaigns run in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so is a true pioneer project, a genuine innovation. The ‘shopping with a purpose’ campaign benefited from professional management, was thorough and well-planned (a precise action plan was created for each tactic) and allowed flexibility in implementation. As it raised funds from local people, the campaign also raised confidence in the organisation with the public.

Special characteristics

BH used a range of fundraising techniques including sponsorship, events, corporate gifts, a wholesale programme, continuous public relations work, proposal writing and canvassing, and research.


BH targeted a variety of different donors – business people, the state sector, the nonprofit sector and individuals.


Primary result, ROI of 1: 1.66 (income of €28,200), so far exceeded target. All surplus was reinvested to create further income generation opportunities for women. Seventy-six women were trained in craft skills and a year later they were all producing handicrafts within the programme. Many volunteers also supported the programme, including renowned national celebrities. The BH project also greatly increased its visibility.


It is a genuine first, and a considerable success on several fronts.

Other relevant information

BH bravely changed their logo during the campaign, to better reflect their mission. We rather like the new logo.

The campaign’s main events were:

  • The fundraising event: a fashion show in Sarajevo.
  • The corporate gift programme: BH identified four well-designed and well-priced products that are suitable for a corporate gift programme. With brochures and samples they approached a range of prospects encouraging them to buy in bulk.
  • The wholesale programme: This focused on persuading credible retail outlets to sell BH products through their shops.
  • Ongoing promotion: A PR agency helped maintain the momentum of keeping all aspects of the campaign in the public eye.

Adapted from CSDF’s 2006 publication Mission Possible.

Bosnian Handicrafts’ bright new logo.
Muniba Hodzic, an unemployed artisan from Stupari, has been a member of the BH network since 2002.
A selection of Christmas products featured in the Holiday 2004 catalogue of the Sundance Film Festival.