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  • SOFII stars: a selection from SOFII’s most read articles by SOFII To make your life easier here are direct links to 19 treasures from the best, most useful fundraising articles that feature in SOFII’s online reading rooms. There are lots more, just look.
  • SOFII stars: a selection of fantastic events from around the world by Joe Burnett Here are links to 12 fundraising events that raised money in innovative and exciting ways, from huge viral campaigns to small but successful projects that exceeded expectations and transformed people’s lives.
  • SOFII stars: the best of corporate social engagement by SOFII Charities working in tandem with business can achieve remarkable results. In this edition of SOFII Stars, we present several wonderful examples where clever fundraising strategies led to exceptional partnerships!
  • SOFII stars: treasures from IWITOT 2012 by SOFII Here are links to 17 fundraising greats, 17 of the big ideas that were in the first I Wish I'd Thought of That mega-event in London 2012, at which young fundraisers described and illustrated a cornucopia of big ideas so good that they wish they'd had them, themselves.