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June 09, 2013

To make your life easier here are direct links to 19 treasures from the best, most useful fundraising articles that feature in SOFII’s online reading rooms. There are lots more, just look.

How to write a better newsletter.

John Grain tells us in simple terms what a good newsletter should be.

Ten things you should remember when writing to trusts and foundations.

Jo Habib tells you what you need to think about to see things from the foundations’
– the donors’ – perspectives.

‘The Last Word’: how copywriters can change the world.

Brilliant fine writing from acclaimed copywriter and author Indra Sinha.

Supporter insights: what are they and why bother with them?

Kevin Waudby shows how great supporter insight can be the difference between a supporter giving to your cause instead of someone else’s.

George Smith’s 12 suggestions to help you write effectively.

No one felt more keenly about the English language, except maybe that other George, Orwell.

Five ‘must dos’ of bequest fundraising.

How to set out a legacy fundraising strategy, from Fiona McPhee.

In lieu of flowers: how to write lively memorial donation thank-you letters.

Lisa Sargent helps you to rescue them from a fate worse than death.

Get positive: you know you want to.

Frances Hurst shows you how to create a positive attitude and be happy at work.

Papworth’s principles of press advertising.

Andrew Papworth explains how to make off-the-page fundraising effective.

Lessons from young charities.

James Read, creative director and copy chief at marketing and fundraising agency Grizzard, looks at small charities that raise substantial awareness and money.

How would you kick-start your ‘nonprofit’ career as a consultant?

Sudeshna Mukherjee asks, do you sincerely want to be a consultant? Don’t know how to go about it? Get valuable insights here.

Tom Ahern’s nine-step communications self-audit.

Why pay thousands to have an expert tell you what you’re doing wrong?

Does thanking really work?

Thanking should be fun, colourful, vibrant, exciting and, above all, personal, says new, enthusiastic fundraiser Laura Croudace.

What’s next in fundraising?

SOFII and The Agitator joined forces with Revolutionise to identify, foster and develop new journalistic talent in fundraising. Here, Emily Henry, one of the essay winners tells us what she thinks is the next big thing in fundraising.

Jerry Huntsinger’s tutorial 57: stand in your donor’s shoes

Someone somewhere is waiting for your mail. She could be a legacy prospect. Have you excluded her from your mailing list because she gave so little last time – even though she’s been making donations for years?

What kind of experience does your donor encounter when making an online gift?

Pamela Grow shares some easy lessons you can steal and pitfalls you can avoid from the best, and worst, of donor experiences.

Why I struggle to be proud to be a fundraiser.

Fundraisers at the Institute of Fundraising’s national convention in London this week were enthusiastically greeting the theme Proud to be a Fundraiser. But in this latest article on SOFII, celebrated fundraiser Giles Pegram claims that he struggles with the concept. Is he just being provocative? Find out here.

Rethinking the way we think

A review of Dan Pallotta’s TED talk, The way we think about charity is dead wrong.

Do we really need another book on storytelling?

An important new book about storytelling is given a special review from not just one, not just two but three of the UK's most eminently qualified reviewers.

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