SOFII stars: a selec­tion of fan­tas­tic events from around the world

Written by
Joe Burnett
September 08, 2016

SOFII dedicates itself to bringing the best fundraising campaigns currently taking place across the globe, but there is also a wealth of examples of past campaigns that continue to inspire and excite. These are our SOFII Stars and this latest edition focuses on fantastic fundraising events.

We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the world two years ago, with even celebrities and politicians joining in to get soaked in freezing water, nominate their friends and help contribute to the fight against Motor Neurone Disease. This year, the millions raised by the campaign produced a significant breakthrough: the ALS Association announced that, in part thanks to donations from the Ice Bucket Challenge, a new gene that is a cause of the disease has been identified, allowing for focused drug development. This is big news, and a reminder that viral campaigns like this can have real beneficial impacts. 

Here are some other major events on SOFII:

Cancer Research UK: Dryathlon 

MacMillan Cancer Support: The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 

Our focus is not, however, solely on major events that capture the imagination and attention of major airwaves and people on social media platforms. There are other great campaigns all around the world focusing on less-recognised causes and in communities that do not get much of the limelight. These smaller events have had a real impact, raising money above and beyond what was expected, in locations as diverse as India, Canada and, um, Southend-on-Sea.

Minus 18: accidental crowdfunding by an anti-gay group 

The India Giving Challenge 

Hands Across the Seas ‘delightful treasures’ event

StreetSmart: helping the homeless as you eat 

UNICEF Pigotta project: adopt a doll and save a life

HomeFront’s virtual gala: ‘Don’t save the date. Just save the world’ 

Southend Hospital: bosom pals appeal 

All Saints and St Andrews Church: parachuting teddy bears 

And we don’t just concentrate on the recent past. Here’s an example of a truly successful and innovative campaign from way back in the 18th century:

The Foundling Hospital appeal, 1728-1745 

For whatever cause and regardless of budget or scope, events like these are marvelous ways to raise awareness of your causes and the money to make a real difference. We are proud to include these campaigns as part of our SOFII Stars.

About the author: Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett (he/him) cut his teeth as an intern at the Association of French Fundraisers, he then embarked on a career in advertising before returning to where his heart lay: in the charities sector. Joe is passionate about fundraising and how it can be a force for positive change in the world. 

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