Contribute to SOFII

Contribute to SOFII

To be truly effective fundraisers and social change campaigners the world over need instant access to the best thinking, best practice and the most revealing analysis of what works and what doesn’t.

SOFII believes that this large body of information should be available for fundraisers everywhere, in an easily accessible, free and permanent collection, on-line.

So SOFII’s mission is to build and present the best interactive archive of appropriate fundraising exhibits from around the world. We support this collection with stimulating, informative and provocative features that present and explain the best thinking, insights, ideas and actions on all the issues most useful to you and to all fundraisers around the world.

This is your SOFII.

To provide you with this amazing service, SOFII needs to be well fed and well funded. You are an important part of the SOFII team. Your support can help fundraisers around the world stay inspired, informed and motivated.

And now, here are the different ways you could make a difference:

Make a donation

SOFII needs to raise money to thrive and keep providing you with help, inspiration and information at your fingertips. In return for your generosity, SOFII will provide you with many benefits. Click here for more information about becoming a very special SOFII donor.

Of course there are lots of ways you can help SOFII without putting your hand in your pocket (though of course, we’d like it if you could do both), such as….

Spread the SOFII word…

This one’s easy. We need to get the SOFII virus going among the fundraisers of the world. Will you promote SOFII to your business contacts, by posting the SOFII email footer, below? Or just persuade ten friends to email Carolina. Not a lot, is it?

Want to be inspired and confident to try out new fundraising ideas?
Visit SOFII at

Send us your instructive exhibits and moments of inspiration

Of course, the life blood of SOFIIplease send in your exhibits of great fundraising, to share best practice with the world. So you won’t be excluded, please join our Left Behind campaign.

Send us your success stories

Everyone likes positive feedback and, here at SOFII, we’re no different. If something you’ve found on SOFII has made a positive difference to your fundraising, then let us know. Of course, if something hasn’t gone quite as expected, you can tell us about that too. You can email Carolina with your stories here.

Give us some sure-footed editorial support

Could you (with perhaps just a bit of guidance) help SOFII prepare some informative and inspirational editorial features? For example, are you able to write concisely and clearly on a range of fundraising subjects? If so, you could make a name for yourself, on SOFII. Mind you, you’ll have to do your own research and to be able to write well, so we get something a bit more authoritative and helpful that what’s opposite, from the featured article, ‘Segmentation made simple’.

You could even become a volunteer for SOFII

Visit our ambassadors page or our volunteer page to find out our current opportunities.

Thank you so much

For any or all of these opportunities to help SOFII please contact Carolina Herrera. She’ll quickly help you with everything you need so the process will be as easy and as much fun as you’d expect from something for SOFII.