Add your fundraising success story to SOFII

SOFII adds examples of inspirational and innovative fundraising every week. But you are on the front lines of fundraising and you know all the sensational campaigns that are happening – and succeeding – right now. 

So, if a campaign that has been trail-blazing, effective or especially important then please share it with your fellow fundraisers around the world. You’ll get to shout about your insights and success. And then a plucky fundraiser might just use that idea to raise more money for another good cause. 

We want all the best fundraising on SOFII. New or historical. Big campaigns or small ones. Raising £5 or £5 million. Please, send us your most inspiring and innovative fundraising stories today.

It’s easy to do…

If you ARE NOT logged in on the SOFII site:

  1. Email and tell her about the case study or article you’d like to submit. Explain why it’s so unique and/or successful. 
  2. Attach any relevant pack shots or images to your email. 
  3. Carolina will get back to you about the best way to share your campaign on the site. Thank you!

If you ARE logged in on the SOFII site:

  1. You should see a simple submission form below. Fill in the ‘title’ box and then explain the campaign, including what makes it special, in the box marked ‘body’. 
  2. Attach any relevant pack shots or images by clicking ‘choose files’.
  3. Let us know if you think this campaign would be best presented as a case study or article. 
  4. Add any additional information in the ‘notes’ box.
  5. Submit your campaign via the green 'SEND TO SOFII’ button. We promise to be in touch with you very soon. Thank you!