The main areas of fundraising

British Heart Foundation ‘Gift of Hope’ and ‘Give in Celebration’

by Joe Burnett

Find out how the British Heart Foundation completely reinvented their strategy for in memory giving. How? By providing a more involving experience for donors and making great use of new technology. A wonderful lesson for all fundraisers

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How thank you letters can help you achieve your major giving potential

by Ikhlaq Hussain

Ikhlaq Hussain shares his expert advice on how to write considerate, effective thank you letters for major donors that are more likely to lead to further donations. 

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Pennies, the digital charity box

by Joe Saxton

Taking advantage of the boom in contactless payments, Pennies allows donors to contribute quickly and without any hassle.

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American Cancer Society: Relay For Life

by Gary Kernahan

An idea that started as one man fundraising by walking and running a track for 24 hours has become a global event raising over $5 billion to help save lives throughout the world.

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St Michael’s Hospital Foundation: Living in a multi-generational world


St Michael's Hospital and Foundation's Urban Angel magazine is one of the best charity magazines in Canada, going from strength to strength. We take a look at its most successful yet, the Fall 2016 edition.

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Help Hollie ‘pants on your head’ campaign

by John Logan

A heartwarming, bittersweet story for Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity. Follow the link to learn of Hollie’s brave and funny campaign to raise both money and awareness.

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Blue Cross: Tap Dogs


Terrific innovation by animal charity Blue Cross who found a funny and eye-catching way to get their rescue dogs to lend their paws to the cause.

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SOS Children's Villages Norway: would you give your jacket to Johannes?

by Suzi Attree

Would you give your coat to a freezing child? Strangers help a young boy sitting alone without a jacket in freezing weather in a campaign that raised awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees.

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Refuge: The Helen Titchener (nee Archer) Rescue Fund

by Louise McCathie

A fan of Radio BBC 4's popular programme 'The Archers' created an online fundraising page for Refuge in response to a domestic violence storyline. 

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Inspiration is scary

by Alan Clayton

Alan Clayton shows us how to find a great ‘why?’ and how the best organisations do this by reaching for impossible ambitions. And it’s scary. But as Alan says, it’s also necessary.

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