The main areas of fundraising

Enhance your online fundraising abilities in four steps

by Sarah Daren

In her second article for SOFII Sarah Daren shares her experiences of building successful crowdfunding campaigns and provides four key pieces of advice to make your online giving platform successful.

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How MQ’s brilliant faith in relationships is launching them into sustainability

by Rachel Stephenson Sheff

The major donors showcase: a great story from UK mental illness charity MQ shows the power of maintaining close relationships with donors. 

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SOFII stars: the best of corporate social engagement


Charities working in tandem with business can achieve remarkable results. In this edition of SOFII Stars, we present several wonderful examples where clever fundraising strategies led to exceptional partnerships!

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How crowdfunding is helping fundraise for community projects

by Sarah Daren

Sarah Daren explains how crowdfunding sites can be used not just for start-up businesses but to benefit entire communities, as demonstrated in towns and cities across the USA.

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Shine virtual balloon race

by John Grain

A smart, environmentally-friendly strategy change from small charity Shine inspired John Grain at IWITOT London 2018.

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NSPCC ‘Open Your Eyes’ direct response TV ad

by Giles Pegram CBE

A powerful and heart-rending direct response TV ad by the NSPCC showcases the organisation's dedication to its mission, donors and beneficiaries.

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Snowdogs: Tails in Wales Trail

by Joe Burnett

This superbly interactive campaign made a lasting impact by helping raise significant funds for Welsh children's hospice Tŷ Hafan but also by engaging the local community of South Wales in a fun and interactive programme.

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How the RNLI made me a donor

by Kathryn Holloway

Kathryn Holloway of Friends of the Earth shares the story of how she became a donor, inspired from a young age by a unique collection box.

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Why the secret of legacy giving is hidden in the life story of your best donors.

by Ashley Rowthorn

As part of SOFII's inspiration series, Legacy Voice's Ashley Rowthorn shares memories of his grandfather and how his story relates to the latest surprising and invigorating research into how donors leave money to charities in their wills.

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Leading the resistance: the American Civil Liberties Union

by Ali Walker-Davies

Ali Walker celebrates the American Civil Liberties Union's resistance to Donald Trump's travel ban and how it raised incredible funds without even asking, just by being a beacon of hope.

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