The main areas of fundraising

IWITOT 2020: Samaritans & Network Rail corporate partnership

by Julia Worthington

At IWITOT 2020 Julia Worthington reflected on a hugely successful corporate partnership between suicide prevention charity Samaritans and the UK’s Network Rail.

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IWITOT 2020: Sweet Farm’s Goat 2 Meeting

by Joshua Leigh

For his presentation at IWITOT 2020, Josh Leigh wished he'd thought of getting goats to join Zoom calls during the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, that's a thing.

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IWITOT 2020: Why I wish I’d thought of charity shops

by Jennifer Ruthe

IWITOT audition winner Jen Ruthe champions charity shops and explores how they engage supporters and encourage giving.

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IWITOT 2020 Winner: Help Refugees pop-up shop, Choose Love

by Megan Townshend

Meet the wonderful winner of I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) 2020, the virtual edition!

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SAVE FINZ: Emergency direct mail appeal

by Joe Burnett

Facing difficult financial straits due to coronavirus, the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand has launched an unprecedented matched funds appeal bringing support in from the world over.

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WILL YOU HELP SAVE FINZ? - A unique fundraiser-to-fundraiser (F2F) appeal


This is the ongoing story of how the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand is running a possibly world-first matched giving DM appeal to save itself during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Great Bungay Duck Race: Virtual success in 2020

by Joe Burnett

How one small charity in rural England had to innovate and try out new ideas to ensure their event went ahead. When coronavirus forced them to go virtual, they did in style.

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Bush Heritage Australia: Autumn appeal turned donor care pack

by Jasmine Coronado

Bush Heritage Australia shows you how you can achieve surprising results by thanking, acknowledging and inspiring your donors, even if you never ask for money.

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Bhopal Medical Appeal: At a time of crisis, Bhopal's clinics give back something beyond price

by Ken Burnett

In this time of crisis, these newspaper and magazine ads by the Bhopal Medical Appeal return the love they received from their donors 25 years ago.

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Face-to-face fundraising: Bill’s story

by Anne Marshall

Anne Marshall, Director of Field Operations for the Canada division of agency Up Fundraising, tells the inspirational tale of her friend Bill and how he is one of the best face-to-face fundraisers she’s ever met.

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