The main areas of fundraising

Stop f***ing about with your logo and stick to fundraising instead

by Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips of Bluefrog Fundraising explores the potential negative impacts of a major charity rebrand and explains why good fundraising is where your emphasis should be.

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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: Riding for a cause


Discover an organisation that has been running excellent events since 2012 and making a real difference to men’s physical and mental health. 

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Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony: ‘Adopt a penguin’

by Simone Owens

From the supporter experience edition of I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) comes a great story of an organisation showing just what providing a brilliant supporter experience means.

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I.G.’s Field Guide to Relationship-Based Fundraising: a free resource for the sector

by Jasmine Awad

Discover a useful free guide to maximising your major donor fundraising potential. This guide is available in both English and Spanish.

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Stripes Social Cooperative – ‘Make legality blossom. Turn the world into a beautiful place.’

by Caterina Ferrari

How a small organisation managed to spread the culture of giving internally, leading to its employees developing a very strong donor community. 

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How we did it – SOFII’s first foray into challenge event fundraising, intro

by Joanna Culling

In this series SOFII shares how we supported our founder, Ken Burnett, as he took part in The SOFII Foundation’s first-ever challenge event. With no experience in this area of fundraising, we learned as we went along. Find out how we got started in our introduction, here.

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Ghostbusters – three ways to bring prospects back to life

by Remarkable Partnerships

No answer doesn’t mean no. Discover three sets of tips that show a charity’s dedication and persistence can pay huge dividends with corporate partners.

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ANT Foundation: how new technologies delivered the human touch during Covid-19

by Veronica Parise

This is a marvellous story about how an Italian cancer charity responded to the pandemic by innovating while maintaining their human touch.

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Rainforest Rescue: ‘You can help build the Daintree’s largest nursery’

by Karl Tischler

Discover how a small but visionary environmental charity exceeded all expectations when it came to both fundraising and planting more trees.

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Cork Simon Community: small-scale pandemic crowdfunding

by Emma Doran

How did an Irish charity make their very first crowdfunding campaign a success during the pandemic?

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Greenpeace: face-to-face fundraising reinvented during the pandemic

by Shabby Amini

With the coronavirus pandemic in full force, Greenpeace reinvented their face-to-face fundraising and did so with the needs of the donor in mind. Click to read why Shabby Amini celebrated this campaign at IWITOT: the supporter experience edition. 

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Who’s the chugger?

by Anne Marshall

In this fictional story, Anne Marshall shares a ‘day in the life’ of a face-to-face fundraiser who braves the hideous cold and tries to make a difference, against all odds.

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