Individual donors

What would fundraising be without donors? And what would SOFII be without a special area devoted to nurturing and developing donor relationships? Within this special space SOFII has selected and assembled a glittering array of specialist showcases in which we display a treasure trove of examples of the art and science of donor relationship development.

Does thanking really work?

by Laura Croudace

Thanking should be fun, colourful, vibrant, exciting and, above all, personal, says new, enthusiastic fundraiser Laura Croudace.

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NSPCC’s thank-you mailing


This bright, colourful direct mail pack is a winner all of itself. With the delightful, powerful booklet as well it couldn’t fail to inspire donors to send their own messages and, indeed, send in another donation to the cause they love.

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WaterAid: The Big Dig

by Reuben Turner

A very fine example of how storytelling, done right, can change the world. Isn’t the infographic just great? (SOFII loves the crossed legs). This campaign is fun, innovative, engaging, emotional (imagine how you’d feel with no toilet…) and highly effective as, inevitably, real storytelling in real time was bound to be. Altogether brilliant.

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Forcing or forging a relationship? Part 1: understanding your donors

by Charlie Hulme

This, the first of a three-part feature by Charlie Hulme, managing director, DonorVoice UK, kicks off an important new series for SOFII. Based upon evidence and experience rather than theory and opinion, Charlie’s first article spells out the crucial necessity of really understanding what your donors want from their relationship with you and your cause.

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What kind of experience does your donor encounter when making an online gift?

by Pamela Grow

Pamela Grow shares some easy lessons you can steal and pitfalls you can avoid from the best, and worst, of donor experiences.

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Less pessimism about the fundraising climate but…

by Andrew Papworth

Andrew Papworth reports on the latest Managing in a Downturn and you’ll be pleased to learn that although things are still tough, there is a less pessimism about the fundraising climate. Even better is that individual giving continues to be an important part of fundraising in the UK (and elsewhere too, no doubt).

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‘Nonprofit?’ Donors have no idea what you do with their money. And, frankly, they suspect the worst

by Tom Ahern

Research has shown that donors wonder if we really use their gifts to change the world. Tom Ahern says that you shouldn’t leave them guessing. They will guess wrong… and not in your favour. Find out how to reassure them here.

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Confessions of an unethical nine-year-old fundraiser

by Norma Cameron

One of the golden rules of successful fundraising is that before asking others to give, you should first donate yourself. Norma Cameron shows how the memory of one major gift you gave will give you comfort and confidence to be a better fundraiser. Here she tells the rather scary tale of her fundraising epiphany, inspired by something as simple as a collecting box.

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Save the Children: knit one save one

by Matthew Sherrington

Knit a tiny hat and you could save a newborn baby’s life. This beautiful campaign from Save the Children UK shows what can happen when you make it crystal clear to people the difference they can make.

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The UK donor commitment study. And why it could be worth thousands of pounds to you and your cause

by Ken Burnett

An open letter from SOFII’s managing trustee announcing a free SOFII/ Agitator webinar of some importance.

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Operation Smile: special ‘thank-a-thon’

Hand-painted posters were placed in reception and the conference room.


Operation Smile used the thank-a-thon as a unique opportunity for conversations with our most loyal donors and to reconnect our staff to the organisation through the stories.

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Audubon Society of Rhode Island: special recognition of long-time donors

the Audubon Society’s special recognition pack for their long-term members.


The Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s superb care for their donors and courage in their approach have produced results that will be the envy of charitable organisations everywhere.

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