Individual donors: recruitment, retention & relationship development

What would fundraising be without donors? And what would SOFII be without a special area devoted to nurturing and developing donor relationships? Within this special space SOFII has selected and assembled a glittering array of specialist showcases in which we display a treasure trove of examples of the art and science of donor relationship development.

Thinking of investing in segmentation? Be careful of these common and costly mistakes

by Charlie Hulme

For all charities, successfully identifying and profiling donors is crucial, but Charlie Hulme has identified five mistakes we too often make in the process. In the first of two articles, Charlie examines these errors and points to a different way of doing things.

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Do you have the answer to the donor consent issue? Here’s a behavioural scientist’s perspective

by Kiki Koutmeridou

Asking for your donors’ consent about when and how to contact them is a hot topic right now. Where do you stand?

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Serve or inspire? That is the question

by Richard Turner

Inspire is often a misused word in the fundraising world but it is not just a way of recruiting and even retaining donors. Inspiration can go much, much further.

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MyOxfam app

by Joe Burnett

The MyOxfam app allows supporters of Oxfam to manage their donations to the charity quickly and without hassle; it also gives them real transparency about the impact of their donations.

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Good asking: the role of research in efficient, effective and enjoyable fundraising.

by Beth Breeze

Why does good asking need research? This is the question explored in this fascinating report by Beth Breeze of the University of Kent, and her conclusions will inspire every fundraiser who reads them.

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Inspire 2018: St Michael’s Foundation 2015/16 annual report

by Marie Burnett

This story of great relationship fundraising will inspire you to use your annual report to celebrate donors, beneficiaries and volunteers alike and show your donors the positive impacts their gifts are making. And encourage further donations.

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Amnesty International: the pen pack


Amnesty needed a powerful and effective means of recruiting new donors to their great cause. This was it. This was, as far as we know, the first ever occasion when a free pen was included in an acquisition mailing, in the UK at least. This mailing was both brilliantly successful and started a trend that led to a flood of imitators.

SOFII has just restructured its massive direct mail, door drops and household deliveries showcase – the world’s biggest and best direct mail swipe file. Check it out here.

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Help Hollie ‘pants on your head’ campaign

by John Logan

A heartwarming, bittersweet story for Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity. Follow the link to learn of Hollie’s brave and funny campaign to raise both money and awareness.

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SOS Children's Villages Norway: would you give your jacket to Johannes?

by Suzi Attree

Would you give your coat to a freezing child? Strangers help a young boy sitting alone without a jacket in freezing weather in a campaign that raised awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees.

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Becoming the bee, with Jean Bishop

by Alfie Waldron

Meet Jean, a 91-year-old with a passion for fundraising, a smile for everyone she meets and a brilliant homemade bee costume.

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