Top tips & how tos

The focus in this section is on practical ‘how to’ lists. Here the world's leading fundraisers share the distilled wisdom of their experience in digestible bite-sized nuggets that you can use immediately.

Two days in Dublin: fundraising inspiration in Ireland’s capital – part two

by Joe Burnett

In this report we look at two sessions from Australia-based data and dm expert Sean Triner on mid-level donors and legacies and governance guru Simone Joyaux’s rallying cry for creating extraordinary experiences.

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Two days in Dublin: fundraising inspiration in Ireland’s capital

by Joe Burnett

SOFII attended the Ask Direct Summer School, one of 2016’s most inspirational world class fundraising seminars. We were treated to thought-provoking, intriguing and engaging sessions by some of the sector’s leading lights. Here's part one of our reports.

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Five big reasons your fundraising results could be better

by Rachel Beer

Rachel Beer asks what are the big things that make the really big differences to your fundraising results?

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Following the fold

by Lyndall Stein

Lyndall Stein shows that you're never too old to learn some new tricks and passes on some fundraising tips for the young from the old.

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Harold Sumption: the shy pioneer

by Joanna Culling

In this addition to SOFII’s Fundraising Legends series, Joanna Culling talks to Ken Burnett, who proudly shares the full text of Harold’s only published material – Yesterday’s trail-blazing and pointers for tomorrow

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The treehouse of knowledge – the 34 fundamental foundations of fundraising

by Ken Burnett

Of all the nuggets of essential fundraising knowledge buried within all the lists, books and articles ever written, which would be the one list, that you’d choose to hang directly above your space, your workplace? This is that list. 

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A new approach to fundraising – why you should be accessing your donors’ networks

by Richard Turner

It’s time to ring the changes in the way we raise money. Rather than just looking at our donors’ financial capital says Richard Turner, we could be using their social capital to make fundraising so much better for them and our causes.

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Ask-phobia: how to overcome ask aversion

by Rory Green

If the thought of asking someone for money, in person, over the phone, or in a letter, makes you break out in a sweat here are five simple tips from Rory Green to help you out.

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It’s time to create a strategy for your website that will increase your fundraising

by Beate Sørum

If you follow these five steps you will create a strategy that will make the content of your website work hard for you and your donors happy.

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M​usings of a direct response fundraiser no. 2: finding the ‘sweet spot’

by Jonathon Grapsas

Our job as fundraisers is to find the sweet spot: an amount that is appropriate to that donor at that time. In his second article on the musings of a direct response fundraiser Jonathon Grapsas shows exactly how to do it.

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Forcing or forging a relationship? Part 2: what makes a relationship?

by Charlie Hulme

If Pret A Manager, Pizza Express, or Starbucks were losing even half the amount of customers as we are they’d go out of business, says Charlie Hulme. And here he explains how we can be even better at customer, or rather, donor service than they are – and keep our donors from deserting us.

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Pareto Fundraising: Sean’s automated out-of-office email message

by Sean Triner

Sean Triner’s out-of-office bounce-back is brilliant and simple as well as easy to steal, right now.

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