Top tips & how tos

The focus in this section is on practical ‘how to’ lists. Here the world's leading fundraisers share the distilled wisdom of their experience in digestible bite-sized nuggets that you can use immediately.

Richard Turner’s great story

by Richard Turner

Richard Turner's advice for all fundraisers is to have a great story to tell. And the place to start looking for it is among all the people who benefit from the cause you fundraise for.

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The seven elements of proposition: how to get your story across

by John Grain

In this article, fundraising specialist, John Grain tells us of seven critical things to remember when telling your fundraising story. Using this checklist and the simple exercises he suggests, you can make your story compelling, engaging and effective, giving you the very best chance of success.

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Building a bridge between the hard and soft side of legacy giving, for you and your donors

by Kimberley MacKenzie

In her thought-provoking article, Kimberley MacKenzie, fundraising director at Ontario Nature, Canada, identifies the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ side of planned giving.

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Five ways to ‘Harry Potterise’ your Internet and direct mail appeals…. and get donors giving when times are tough

Harry Potter

by Nicole Schmidt

Nicole Schmidt is convinced that we should all be copying J K Rowling by telling our stories they way she told Harry Potter’s. Ms Rowling, of course, sold millions of books and made a huge amount of money. Will we fundraisers raise millions for our causes if we adopt her techniques?

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How would you kick-start your ‘nonprofit’ career as a consultant

An aeroplane

by Sudeshna Mukherjee

Do you sincerely want to be a consultant? Don’t know how to go about it? Sudeshna Mukherjee has spoken to several giants from the world of consultancy and gives their valuable insights here.

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How to advertise for funds off-the-page. Part 2

by Andrew Papworth

It is always important to have a banker advertisement that you know you can rely on. This is an advertisement that has proved itself over time to be consistently reliable. But that alone is not enough. Your banker advertisement will inevitably start to decline at some point, even to become ineffective.

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Ad excellence: refreshing and instructive variations on an old theme

by Andrew Papworth

Here is some ad excellence. Two great campaigns reviewed by a master of making messages work hard off-the-page – click here for lots of great tips and copy worth copying.

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How to advertise for funds off-the-page. Part 1

by Andrew Papworth

Papworth’s principles of press advertising

Part 1: How fundraising ads work

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Who pays the tab at a meeting with a donor?


by Marc Pitman

During a recent coaching call, my client asked me to walk her step-by-step through an upcoming meeting with a donor. I love doing this!

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Four tips that can help land corporate donations

Community is very important to both companies and their employees.

by Robert Bellovin

Raising money from commercial organisations is a bit like Marmite – you either love it, or hate it. But you can’t deny it that it does raise money. If you’re thinking about putting a toe in the water – check out this article that is full of advice for practitioners on how to go about it.

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Job-speak: a user’s guide

by George Smith

And now from the incomparable George Smith: an expose of all that is nonsense in recruitment ads from charities. Are you guilty of the ‘booming vocative’?

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The Effectiveness Project: fundraisers – take notice soon!

by Steven Shattuck

The latest infographic from Bloomerang has some alarming data from the Urban Institute in the USA. Isn’t it time that charities took some notice?

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