Our donors

We all know the power of a proper thank you. Every organisation and person whose name appears on this page is a SOFII hero and deserves our most heartfelt thanks. Their generous gifts have helped us build SOFII up to be what it is today – an inspiring resource for fundraisers around the world.

Would you or your company like to join them? You can make a gift now or contact us to discuss how you'd like to support SOFII.

SOFII’s current benefactors


Blackbaud is the leading provider of nonprofit software and services.

SOFII benefactor since 2011.

Visit Blackbaud’s website


Bluefrog is a group of people who come up with amazing ideas that result in a better world for all of us to live in.

SOFII benefactor since 2010.

Visit Bluefrog’s website

Institute of Fundraising

The Institute of Fundraising is the professional membership body for UK fundraising. Our mission is to support fundraisers, through leadership, representation, standards-setting and education, and we champion and promote fundraising as a career choice.

SOFII benefactor since 2014.

Visit Institute of Fundraising’s website

Listen Fundraising

Listen Fundraising is led by innovation and expertise. Our pioneering and bespoke approach to telephone fundraising keeps us at the cutting-edge. Listen provided the first gift to redevelop SOFII's website and sponsors the SOFII speaks your language showcase.

SOFII benefactor since 2013.

Visit Listen Fundraising’s website

Open Fundraising

Open Fundraising brings the right people together to change the world. We crunch numbers and tell stories in order to create and nurture relationships between charities and the people who support them. Open came up with the concept of SOFII's flagship event I Wish I'd Thought Of That and have helped to organise IWITOT in the UK.

SOFII benefactor since 2010.

Visit Open Fundraising ’s website

SOFII’s historic benefactors

​Chuck Longfield

SOFII benefactor since 2009.


SOFII benefactor in 2014.

​R Fundraising

SOFII benefactor 2011 - 2012.

Third Sector

SOFII media partner for IWITOT London 2012 - 2014. 

​The Joffe Charitable Trust

SOFII benefactor in 2009.

SOFII’s current partners

Agents of Good

New SOFII business partner since November 2016.

Visit Agents of Good’s website


New SOFII business partner since January 2017.

Visit Bloomerang’s website

SOFII’s historic partners

​Action Planning

SOFII partner 2011.

​AFP The Association of Fundraising Professionals

SOFII partner 2013 - 2015.

​Fundraising Initiatives Ltd

SOFII partner 2011 - 2015.


SOFII partner 2010.

​On Agency

SOFII partner in 2013.


SOFII partner 2010 - 2012.

RobbinsKersten Direct

SOFII partner as Stratmark 2012.


SOFII partner since 2010.

SOFII’s current sponsors


SOFII’s historic sponsors

Agents of Good

Ahern Communications

Ask Direct

Burnett Works

Ken and Marie Burnett

Daryl Upsall Consulting International

Joyaux Associates

Kimberley and Craig Mackenzie

Future Fundraising

Harvey McKinnon & Associates

Open Fundraising

Pell & Bales

Profundo Norway

The Resource Alliance

Stephen Thomas Ltd

Think Foundation

SOFII’s underwriters

David Carrington *recent donor

Roger M Craver

Kay Sprinkel Grace

John Lepp * recent donor

Bob Levy and Jennie Thompson

Mark Phillips

Christiana Stergiou and Sean Triner

Mal Warwick

SOFII’s sustainers

Amanda Briggs-Hastie

John Burns

Georg Duit

John Grain Associates SOFII supporter since 2011.

Roger Lawson * recent donor

Crispin Longden

Richard McPherson

Meredith Niles *recent donor

Damian O'Broin

Susan Robinson

Lyndall Stein

Ian Ventham

SOFII’s many kind supporters

Moy A

Thomas Ahern

Kathy Allen

Danielle Atkinson

Michael P Barndollar

Duncan Batty *recent donor

K M Baughen

Jock Beveridge

Luis Borrallo

Beth Breeze

Heather Brekelmans

Jules Brown

Kirsten Bullock

Ken Burnett

Sally Anne Castle

Gwendoline Chapman

Jan Chisholm

Catherine Clark

Rosemary Connolly

Ruth Craig

Sophie Cunningham

Kari Darken

Robert Daly

Fiona Duncan

John Dwyer

Wendy Epstein

Tracy Esh

Jill Ford *recent donor 2016

Jo Garner

Clare Garey

S l Goddard

John Grain

Gloria Greiner-Callihan

C R Grimshaw

Pamela Grow

R A Harrington

C Hayman

Christof Hotz

James Huitson

Derek Humphries

James Hungerford

F Hurst

Suzanne Irwin-wells

Philip R Keilen

Jan Kejzlar

Jacqueline Laycock

Craig Linton

Tania Little

Geoff Lloyd

Marie Lloyd

David Love

Mary MacCauley

Kimberley Mackenzie

R L Mantle

Larry Matthews

Catherine McCrohan

Grainne Mcentee

Maik Meid

Jackie Mendoza

Tristan Mordrelle

Jaclyn Anne Moore

R L M Moore

Madeleine Mosse

Sudeshna Mukherjee

Stephen Noble

Johan Norrby

Fiona Paterson

Ben Pawson

Seth Piper

Marc A Pitman

Valerie Pletcher

Marc Pradervand

Laurie Pringle

Cynthia Quigley

A J Renals

Dr Claire Routely

Ronan Ryan

A Salmon

Amanda Santer

Lisa Sargent

Gesa-th Schuwirth

Ian Gordon Shapley

Paul D Smith

GregRobin Smith

George Smith

Anna Somerset

Lindsay Stokes

Sonya Swiridjuk

Reuben Turner

Victor Van Der Veen

Ken Wilson

Sebastian Wilbeforce

Elise C Williams

Sylvia G Woodall

Sara Zelonis