Digital Fundraising

Leading the resistance: the American Civil Liberties Union

by Ali Walker-Davies

Ali Walker celebrates the American Civil Liberties Union's resistance to Donald Trump's travel ban and how it raised incredible funds without even asking, just by being a beacon of hope.

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NSPCC's improved online giving experience


An easy and accessible user experience was the aim of the game for the NSPCC when they decided to overhaul their online donation pages.

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: a mini guide for nonprofits

by Dan Quirk

Great peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns can reap terrific results but they can also seem rather daunting and hard to organise. Expert Dan Quirk talks you through how best to set up and make the most of a peer-to-peer campaign in this quick and simple guide.

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Islamic Relief’s WhatsApp genius: raising £180,000 via messaging

by Emily Collins-Ellis

A clever and modern use of technology by Islamic Relief demonstrates how regular interaction with major donors can yield great results by bringing them closer to the charity’s cause.

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Chinese take away: reinventing fundraising in the People's Republic of China

by Daryl Upsall

Daryl Upsall looks at the innovations being made in Chinese fundraising, notably how NGOs, working with corporate businesses and the latest technology are having huge impacts in mass digital communications.

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Abortion Support Network 'Why do you support ASN?'

by Damian O’Broin

By asking a simple question of their donors and sharing the responses in later communications, a small Irish charity provided inspiration for all fundraisers.

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Hope and Homes for Children, End the Silence

by Catherine Harris

Hope and Homes developed a superb campaign to bring light to the lives of children in orphanages with their End the Silence campaign, using positive imagery, a novel pair of donation options and the music we all love.

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Bernie Barnstorms – I Wish I’d Thought Of That

by Fiona Pattison

Take inspiration from volunteer-led barnstorms for Bernie Sanders’ remarkable presidential campaign. Feel the Bern! 

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War Child - Armistice

by Joe Burnett

War Child, a UK charity that supports children caught up in conflict zones, had a brilliant idea for their ‘Armistice’ campaign, teaming up with several top gaming companies in a spectacularly innovative way. This could be a future medium for all NGOs.

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CARE International ‘Don’t give, lend’

by Mark Phillips

‘Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ as the saying goes. This could easily have been the inspiration for this campaign, as CARE International embarked on a new way of engaging supporters by offering them the chance to lend money rather than donate it. Supporters were able to invest in exciting business opportunities in poor communities – an innovative and economically sound way of developing those communities whilst maintaining the focus and engagement of donors.

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