Digital fundraising

Refuge: The Helen Titchener (nee Archer) Rescue Fund

by Louise McCathie

A fan of Radio BBC 4's popular programme 'The Archers' created an online fundraising page for Refuge in response to a domestic violence storyline. 

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One Girl: Do It In A Dress

by Lizzi Hollis

Dresstastic challenge event from Australia that allows volunteers to use their creative fundraising juices and have fun.

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A story that wakes you up in your career

by Lizzie Carter

If emotional responses raise money, then fundraisers need to think about the last story that genuinely ‘woke them up in their career’ and made them feel something.

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Knickers Model’s Own in aid of Cancer Research UK


A grieving daughter's fashion tribute to her mother became a highly successful digital fundraising campaign that turned grief into a triumph and a legacy, raising nearly £60,000. 

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Two days in Dublin: fundraising inspiration in Ireland’s capital – part three

by Joe Burnett

In the third part of our report from Dublin, we cover a brilliant panel debate on the serious gender imbalance in fundraising. We also bring you a report on Norwegian website expert Beate Sørum’s insightful presentation.

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Friends of the Earth: Looking after supporters when the media storm hit


When a media storm hit the sector and put fundraising under the microscope, Friends of the Earth acted quickly to get in touch with their donors. They gave them the opportunity to comment both frankly and freely on how the organisation was communicating with them. But what did their supporters have to say?

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Why so many organisations fail at Facebook

by Beate Sørum

Beate Sorum thinks that if Facebook isn’t working for your organisation, she is willing to bet that it is not Facebook’s fault – it’s yours.

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Crimestoppers: reverse pickpocketing is putpocketing


The charity Crimestoppers launched an integrated experiential and social media campaign to raise awareness of pick pocketing that also aimed to change public behaviour.

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The Connection at St Martin’s: Donate Locate

by Georgia Bridgwood

The Connection at St Martin’s ‘Donate Locate’ app is a way to help someone living on the streets when donors feel most compelled to give – the moment they see him, or her. The app will locate the person they want to help and they can make a donation confident that it is going to the right place.

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Help the Oma

by Ben Swart

Having trouble finding volunteers for your charity? If yes, then please go to this great case history. Its splendid use of video shows that people really do want to help others less fortunate – you just have to give them a way to do it.

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Free Lunch: A case study in Chinese transparency and crowd-sourced fundraising

by Craig Linton

When scandal hit one charity in China all the others in the country were tainted and faced widespread public mistrust. Yet one well-known journalist was brave enough to start a bold campaign to change the lives of malnourished school children. This breakthrough innovation has helped restore trust in charities in China and raised enough funds to feed thousands of hungry children.

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Tough Mudder

by Michelle Chambers

A success story from non-professional fundraisers, this time two young men.

Tough Mudder is a challenge that includes fire, ice and electric shock obstacles and is more about camaraderie and team spirit than being the best. So far it has raised £5 million across the globe.

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