RSPB: Let­ter to the future

Exhibited by
The Good Agency
April 19, 2014
Medium of Communication
Direct Mail
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

How do you engage people in your cause, grab their attention and encourage them to stand alongside you on an issue of national importance? Not easy, we think. But here’s a brilliant example of a national conservation charity doing just that, very successfully.

Creator / originator

RSPB/ The Good Agency

Summary / objectives

To increase the RSPB’s influence on government policy, to recruit new members, to stretch the brand. NB: these objectives are held equally and not in a hierarchy


Recovery from the recession means spending billions, even trillions of pounds of our children’s money. So it’s also an opportunity to spend that money on a world worth inheriting, by investing in green spaces, energy and infrastructure. With policy objectives in all these areas, the RSPB had an opportunity to launch a campaign to a mass audience beyond its usual constituency.

Special Characteristics

As a campaign that genuinely holds multiple objectives, it’s driven change within the organisation as well as outside.

Influence / impact

By the time the campaign had finished more than 350,000 people had signed the letter. It’s re-engaged existing RSPB members as well as bringing new people into the organisation with a distinct proposition.

Test details

Some early testing showed that digital channels were more effective than press advertising. Not surprising as it’s very easy to sign the letter online.


It shows the power of engagement with causes over fundraising mechanics and techniques.


Over 150,000 signatures. Conversion to membership at around 12 per cent.

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A powerful call to action combined with an irresistable argument makes RSP's letter to the future highly effective at ringing in people concerned aout the kind of world that their children will inherit.

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