RSPCA: Pet First Aid Guide value exchange campaign

by Jonathon Grapsas

Discover how the RSPCA in Australia used exceptional fundraising to recruit new regular donors and save the lives of animals in New South Wales and Queensland.

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RSPCA: ‘home for life’ scheme

by Alex McDowell

A superb new service from the RSPCA that takes away the worries and concerns of their supporters, whilst increasing their legacy income considerably.

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RSPCA’s pile of dead dogs advertisement

RSPCA Pile of dogs ad


Some time around the turn of the 1980s Britain’s leading animal welfare charity, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), produced a striking and controversial poster that positioned it as a campaigning organisation too.

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RSPCA’s ‘sow tethering’ telephone campaign

Free range pigs


Any marketing campaign that can have such an impact on members of parliament on the eve of taking their country to war has to be worth recording. This campaign is notable as one of the early UK examples of fundraisers using the telephone.

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