WaterAid: The Big Dig

by Reuben Turner

A very fine example of how storytelling, done right, can change the world. Isn’t the infographic just great? (SOFII loves the crossed legs). This campaign is fun, innovative, engaging, emotional (imagine how you’d feel with no toilet…) and highly effective as, inevitably, real storytelling in real time was bound to be. Altogether brilliant.

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As sacolas de plástico da WaterAid

by SOFII Volunteers in Brazil

Este é um projeto brilhante e envolvente, que ocorre por meio de mala direta. O método funciona muito bem porque, além de adequado, serve para engajar o doador.

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WaterAid’s plastic bag mailing


Every day in developing countries thousands of women (mainly) face the difficult task of fetching and carrying water from its source to their homes. It’s a gruelling daily duty most donors would find very hard to imagine. Could this concept be applied imaginatively to a fundraising appeal? Of course it could!

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