The direct mail, door drops and household deliveries showcase


Despite greatly exaggerated claims of its impending demise, direct mail remains by a long way the fundraiser’s preferred method of getting and keeping in touch with supporters, perhaps less than in the past for acquisition, but increasingly for donor relationship building and development.

Now with new regulations designed to put donors in control of their data there’s an emerging opportunity for fundraisers to put best-quality data management at the heart of donor communication strategies. Fundraisers’ legitimate interest to communicate with all supporters via direct mail seems set to ensure that this most potent of fundraising’s tools will be given renewed importance in coming years.

After all, who doesn't love to get a really great letter, bursting with impact and energy, telling with power and passion a gripping, moving story of how you can easily, effectively make a lasting difference to an issue you care deeply about? Wouldn't your heart soar to receive such a thing?

That's why direct mail works so well, for new donors as well as established friends.

In this special showcase SOFII readers will find literally hundreds of detailed examples of direct mail, showing what works and what doesn’t. Including the best of the best from around the world. Also look out for brilliant direct mail from 800 years ago. And don't miss Jerry Huntsinger’s 55 special tutorials on how to make direct mail work for you.

Centennial Parklands Foundation Transplant Appeal

by Alex France

With consistent artistic content across multiple platforms and a great community approach, the Centennial Parklands Foundation made a real impact on raising awareness of their organisation's needs, with exciting results.

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Chinese take away: reinventing fundraising in the People's Republic of China

by Daryl Upsall

Daryl Upsall looks at the innovations being made in Chinese fundraising, notably how NGOs, working with corporate businesses and the latest technology are having huge impacts in mass digital communications.

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Trócaire - September direct mail campaign 2017


With intelligent identification and targeting of donors, Irish charity Trócaire exceeded all their expectations with what they dubbed an ‘exceptional ask’ aimed at specific donors. Having honed this strategy over time, it’s now paying off big time.

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Cesvi ‘thank-you’ campaign

by Joe Burnett

One of Italy's largest international aid and development NGOs, Cooperazione e Sviluppo  (co-operation and development), or Cesvi, took advantage of their president stepping down to send a simple, effective and personal letter to their 5,000 most loyal donors. 

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Friends of the Earth steadying the ship: looking after your supporters when a media storm hits


When the media storm around fundraising broke last year, Friends of the Earth acted quickly to get in touch with their donors and give them the opportunity to comment frankly and freely on how the organisation was communicating with them. 

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The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON Canada) 2014 report to donors


In 2014, the Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada sent a comprehensive report to their donors, showing them how a new way of working could be implemented by an old, well-established organisation very successfully. By making use of new technology, they were able to explain the transition to donors, respond to their needs and choices and continue their tremendous service to their users.

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Toronto Humane Society's ‘Benjamin’ year end mailing


The Toronto Humane Society told a simple story well, sharing the case of Benjamin Buddy, an ‘orphaned’ dog with high care costs, via an eye-catching mail-out. It gave them an opportunity to thank their donors and share information on how their gifts were making a difference.

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‘Humbert’ heartfelt message appeal

by Craig Linton

Humbert was created by Humber River Hospital not only to raise money but to celebrate the generosity and kindness of their donors.

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How I wrote it: the NSPCC’s Simple pack

by Robbie Rae

When Robbie Rae started working as a fundraising copywriter at the turn of the millennium, he felt that true masters of direct mail had perfected the art in all its form. Despite that, he thought that it was time to change the orthodoxy. Click here to discover how he wrote a hugely successful pack that did just that.

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Let’s keep in touch

by Rachel Hunnybun

Does your organisation miss simple opportunities to talk to your donors? Click here to see what happened when Rachel Hunnybun contacted her favourite charities to tell them she had moved home.

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