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Cesvi ‘thank-you’ campaign

by Joe Burnett

One of Italy's largest international aid and development NGOs, Cooperazione e Sviluppo  (co-operation and development), or Cesvi, took advantage of their president stepping down to send a simple, effective and personal letter to their 5,000 most loyal donors. 

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Friends of the Earth steadying the ship: looking after your supporters when a media storm hits


When the media storm around fundraising broke last year, Friends of the Earth acted quickly to get in touch with their donors and give them the opportunity to comment frankly and freely on how the organisation was communicating with them. 

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The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (VON Canada) 2014 report to donors


In 2014, the Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada sent a comprehensive report to their donors, showing them how a new way of working could be implemented by an old, well-established organisation very successfully. By making use of new technology, they were able to explain the transition to donors, respond to their needs and choices and continue their tremendous service to their users.

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Toronto Humane Society's ‘Benjamin’ year end mailing


The Toronto Humane Society told a simple story well, sharing the case of Benjamin Buddy, an ‘orphaned’ dog with high care costs, via an eye-catching mail-out. It gave them an opportunity to thank their donors and share information on how their gifts were making a difference.

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‘Humbert’ heartfelt message appeal

by Craig Linton

Humbert was created by Humber River Hospital not only to raise money but to celebrate the generosity and kindness of their donors.

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How I wrote it: the NSPCC’s Simple pack

by Robbie Rae

When Robbie Rae started working as a fundraising copywriter at the turn of the millennium, he felt that true masters of direct mail had perfected the art in all its form. Despite that, he thought that it was time to change the orthodoxy. Click here to discover how he wrote a hugely successful pack that did just that.

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Let’s keep in touch

by Rachel Hunnybun

Does your organisation miss simple opportunities to talk to your donors? Click here to see what happened when Rachel Hunnybun contacted her favourite charities to tell them she had moved home.

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Humber River Hospital Foundation’s direct mail appeal featuring Humbert

by John Lepp

It's amazing how many capital campaigns bewilder donors with architect's drawings, graphs and complicated giving levels. Not so those brave people at Humber River Hospital Foundation, they turned their backs on stuffy institutional instincts and introduced Humbert – their storyteller supreme. Meet him here and see the fabulous appeals that achieved 33 per cent growth in giving in less than a year. Go on – take a risk!

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Save the Children’s capital appeal: buy a brick

by Richard Turner

This warm appeal from Save the Children beat its target by over £150,000 and acquisition approached break-even. Clinics were built and children’s lives saved.

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M​usings of a direct response fundraiser no. 2: finding the ‘sweet spot’

by Jonathon Grapsas

Our job as fundraisers is to find the sweet spot: an amount that is appropriate to that donor at that time. In his second article on the musings of a direct response fundraiser Jonathon Grapsas shows exactly how to do it.

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