How I use SOFII: I turn to the bet­ter thank-you check­list that helps us val­ue our donors

Written by
Virginia Anderson
April 02, 2012
On the days when even enthusiastic fundraisers lack inspiration, it’s wonderful to have SOFII to go to for ideas.

I love SOFII’s better thank-you letter checklist.

There are days when even the most enthusiastic fundraiser is lacking inspiration. Perhaps the gift you received was smaller than you hoped, or you’re tired after a long week, so it’s wonderful to have SOFII to go to for ideas.

I love the SOFII’s better thank-you letter checklist because the thank-you letter is very important and so very easy to get wrong. I first encountered this list at least three years ago and it was soon pinned on my notice board. Since then it’s been printed several times and I have emailed it to peers and colleagues in various organisations and corners of the world. Thank you to SOFII for providing this great resource.

The donor must always be at the heart of good fundraising. Acknowledging his or her contribution as a friend, valued partner, philanthropist and catalyst is vital. A good thank-you process means people will stay with your organisation for years, as they feel valued and special. A good thank-you letter should show the donor the very real impact of her generosity.

On the days I’m worried about getting it wrong, or can’t think what to say, I turn to the better thank-you checklist. I turn to the thank-you letters shared by SOFII to help us value donors. So, it’s time to say thank you SOFII for helping all of us to manage the slow days, learn from our peers and give our donors opportunities to change the world.

About the author: Virginia Anderson

Virginia Anderson began her life in the not-for-profit world when she turned her hobby into a career more than a decade ago. Since then she has worked as fundraiser, philanthropic advisor and funder for a variety of organisations, including Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, the Scottish Community Foundation and the Association for International Cancer Research. She is currently head of appeals at Quarriers.

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