The Fundraiser’s Toolbox

You know that fundraising is hard work. To be successful you need to be well equipped to take on all its challenges. At SOFII, we thought you might like some help. So we’ve put together this fundraiser’s toolbox that we’ll be filling with essential examples, formats, articles, case studies, ideas and tips that we think every fundraiser should know about.

Stop f***ing about with your logo and stick to fundraising instead

by Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips of Bluefrog Fundraising explores the potential negative impacts of a major charity rebrand and explains why good fundraising is where your emphasis should be.

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Fundraising in a time of crisis: SOFII’s guide to navigating tough times

by Joe Burnett

In this series, we look at the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus crisis and how fundraisers can use it as an opportunity to change the world.

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DTES Response – raising money for the community during coronavirus

by Tamara Rahmani

Learn how one Canadian organisation responded to the coronavirus pandemic and made a lasting impact on beneficiaries’ lives.

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Don’t be tone deaf on Ukraine

by Claire Axelrad

What is ‘top of mind’ for your donors right now? Claire Axelrad explains why it is always important to address what really matters to your supporters and help them contribute to solving urgent problems. 

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Lar da Menina: ‘Blessed Beetle’ raffle

by João Paulo Vergueiro

Meet the wonderful fundraising nuns of Lar da Menina in Brazil, and pick up some tips from their unique and very successful ‘Blessed Beetle’ raffle.

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The Trussell Trust: Michael McIntyre’s lockdown video calls

by Natasha Rosenthall

Discover how one of the world’s most popular comedians showed love to his fans during lockdown in order to raise money for The Trussell Trust 

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The top five things to know about cryptocurrencies

by Matt Smith

Could cryptocurrencies represent a new revenue stream for your organisation? This article explains all about them and how they can be good for charities.

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Magic matters… if we want to truly engage

by Roger Lawson

‘Magic moments’ and unforgettable experiences are the key to donor loyalty, says Roger Lawson.

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Are F-bombs acceptable for your fundraising?

by Ephraim Gopin

Reader advisory! This article contains strong profanity as Ephraim Gopin explores the dos and don’ts of swearing in charity communications.

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Cork Simon Community: small-scale pandemic crowdfunding

by Emma Doran

How did an Irish charity make their very first crowdfunding campaign a success during the pandemic?

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Omicron variant, new restrictions and failings of leadership. What should fundraisers do now?

by Mark Phillips

Will the Omicron variant and government responses to it, have had a negative or positive impact on donor needs and attitudes to giving? This video tells all – and crucially Mark provides an update on the kind of results they’ve seen recently. 

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Greenpeace: face-to-face fundraising reinvented during the pandemic

by Shabby Amini

With the coronavirus pandemic in full force, Greenpeace reinvented their face-to-face fundraising and did so with the needs of the donor in mind. Click to read why Shabby Amini celebrated this campaign at IWITOT: the supporter experience edition. 

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