SOFII’s September must-reads

They're back! A new set of monthly must-reads from across the world of fundraising brought to you by experts Pamela Grow in the USA and Craig Linton in the UK.

Written by
Craig Linton and Pamela Grow
September 19, 2019

Top tips

Rob Woods shares two big problems for corporate partnerships and how fundraisers can harness the power of niche to boost their results.

Good Works explain how to use data for donor love.

SOFII are big fans of David Ogilvy, so we thoroughly enjoyed Jeff Brook’s post on the Oglivy Method for effective fundraising writing.

On UK Fundraising, Ikhlaq Hussain explains four reasons to thank donors instantly.

Direct mail really is (still!) king. 3 Case Studies That Prove That Nonprofit Direct Mail Still Works In 2019. New from Erica Waasdorp.

What’s one of the best systems your digital fundraising program can have? A welcome series for new donors, that’s what. Lessons from Motivate Monday with John Haydon.

There is an ‘art’ form to creating an effective direct mail fundraising appeal. See how an ask from my local art centre fell terribly flat in this week’s What’s in my Mailbox?.


What IS a meaningful connection with your donor? How do you measure it? One of the Most Important Metrics: Meaningful Connections. New from Veritus.

Do you ever wonder what reports you can really trust? Friend of SOFII Mark Phillips over the pond at Bluefrog has launched Research Digest, a semi-regular round-up of research related to all things fundraising, and I suggest you follow it.

Opinions and stories

The subject of high fundraising staff turnover has been in the sector media recently. Roger Craver at the Agitator, Michael Rosen and Michelle Wright all share their thoughts on the problem.

Analysis paralysis is a real thing. And, in fundraising, there’s power, real power, in the number one. Agents of Good with It’s only a checkbox!

About the author: Craig Linton and Pamela Grow


Craig Linton - Owner and founder at Fundraising Detective 

(Craig Linton Fundraising Services Limited)

Craig loves helping charities improve their individual giving results. He provides consultancy and hands on support to deliver improved results and donor satisfaction. He currently works as part-time fundraising director at the Royal Society for Blind Children. Other clients include Doctors of the World and the Commission on the Donor Experience. He blogs at and has written numerous articles and advice on fundraising. His book, ‘Donors for Life: a practitioner’s guide to relationship fundraising’ was published in 2017. He is also a trustee at Thames Hospice, Windsor and on the advisory panel at Rogare - the fundraising think tank based at Plymouth University.

Pamela Grow 

Pamela is the publisher of The Grow Report, the author of Simple Development Systems, and the founder of Basics & More™ fundraising fundamentals online training. Created to provide time-pressed nonprofit professionals with fundraising training that works with their busy schedules, Basics & More™ has delivered instruction to thousands of nonprofit organizations, raising hundreds of millions in the process. 

Pam has been helping small non-profits raise dramatically more money for over 16 years, and was named one of the 50 Most Influential Fundraisers by Civil Society magazine, and one of the 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants by The Michael Chatman Giving Show. Her blog, was named one of the 25 Must-Read Nonprofit IT Blogs 2016.

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