CARE International UK: ‘Don’t give, lend’

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Mark Phillips, Bluefrog Fundraising
August 17, 2017
Medium of Communication
Digital, direct mail
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Individual donors
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SOFII’s view

The saying goes, ‘teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. This could easily have been the inspiration for the lendwithcare campaign. CARE International UK embarked on a new way of engaging supporters by offering them the chance to lend money rather than donate it. Supporters were able to invest in exciting business opportunities in poor communities – an innovative and economically sound way of developing those communities whilst maintaining the focus and engagement of donors.

Summary / objectives

CARE International was looking for a new way to engage new supporters. What could they do? They asked people to lend, instead of give.


CARE International runs savings and loans schemes in poor communities throughout the world. These enable people with a good idea to invest in a small business idea and grow it from there.

Working with CARE International UK, Bluefrog Fundraising built On the site, donors can see the business plans of entrepreneurs and choose which one they would like to invest in. Loans can be as little as £15. Some donors lend more or build a portfolio of entrepreneurs to support.

When the entrepreneur repays their loan, the donor can choose to reinvest their money, withdraw it, or donate it.

Here’s how it works:

Creator / originator

Bluefrog Fundraising.

Special characteristics

On, a supporter can read the business plans of entrepreneurs in the developing world. Then they can lend to an entrepreneur (loans start at just £15), to help get their business off the ground. As the entrepreneur grows their business and works their way out of poverty, the supporter’s loan is repaid. At the end of the process, the supporter can either withdraw their money or recycle it by investing in another entrepreneur. also enables the supporter to feel part of a community, by uploading photos of themselves and posting comments about why they lend.

As part of the launch campaign, Bluefrog created a poster that appeared in Oxford Circus tube station during the busy Christmas period.

Bluefrog also trained CARE International’s overseas partners to use, so they could upload photos and videos of entrepreneurs and organise repayment of loans.


Since its launch in 2010, has:

  • Recruited more than 40,000 lenders.
  • Supported over 64,00 entrepreneurs.
  • Loaned £25,000 shy of £15 million. has also received an award or two.

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The website allows lenders to keep track of their investments and stay updated on their beneficiaries progress.
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There is a community spirit at the heart of the, as multiple investors can interact with each other and the beneficiaries.
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This poster appeared in Oxford Circus tube station to promote the campaign.