Inter­na­tion­al Cam­paign for Tibet Free­dom: bracelet appeal

Exhibited by
Mal Warwick.
May 02, 2008
Medium of Communication
Direct mail
Target Audience
Type of Charity
Human rights & civil liberties, political
Country of Origin
Date of first appearance

SOFII’s view

Practical incentives (as opposed to cheap gimmicks) are an important part of the direct mail fundraiser's skills and this is a particularly appealing and evidently successful idea, included with a powerful and instructive appeal package for what has become a highly topical cause.

International Campaign for Tibet.

Name of exhibitor

Mal Warwick.

Summary / objectives

This special appeal, directed at existing donors to the International Campaign for Tibet, was intended to reinforce their commitment to the Free Tibet cause and to generate significant net revenue for the Campaign.


This appeal was part of Mal Warwick Associates' ongoing, year-round work to build a more productive donor development programme for the International Campaign for Tibet.

Special characteristics

A black-and-white yarn 'freedom bracelet' included as a front-end premium.


This appeal is emblematic of the dramatic international effort underway to support the people of Tibet. Its successful use of a 'freedom bracelet', a distinctive front-end premium, demonstrates the art of direct mail fundraising at its best.