Anne Frank Trust UK: the thir­teen-in-13’ campaign

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June 18, 2013
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Awareness, individuals
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Human rights & civil liberties
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UK and the Netherlands
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SOFII’s view

Another story from Once Upon I Wish I’d Thought of That, which although not directly about fundraising is worth inclusion on SOFII. This new campaign from the Anne Frank Trust in the UK, aims to motivate young people to take action. In Anne Frank’s words,

‘How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but can start right now to gradually change the world.’

The Anne Frank Trust and Anne Frank’s House.

Name of exhibitor

Lucy Caldicott.

The Anne Frank Trust in the UK is inviting anyone who has a thirteenth birthday in 2013 to write to David Cameron, the UK’s prime minister, to tell him what he or she thinks would make Britain a better place.

To keep the story of Anne Frank current and to help today’s children to relate to her, Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam now has a photo history and timeline on their website that superimposes Anne’s Amsterdam over today’s Amsterdam.


On her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank was given a diary, in which she recorded her thoughts and feelings before and whilst in hiding from the Nazis. After her death in 1945, her father, Otto Frank, decided to publish her diary in order to challenge the racial hatred that had led to the death of his daughter.

Otto continued to tell his daughter’s story around the world until his death in 1980, even appearing on the BBC’s Blue Peter in 1976. In particular, Otto Frank wanted there to be an educational organisation in the UK in memory of Anne. In 1990, The Anne Frank Trust was created, fulfilling Otto’s wish.

The trust works in schools, prisons and local communities around the UK. Using the story of Anne Frank and the lessons that we can learn from her diary, they encourage people to consider the impact of prejudice and hatred in their local area and to stand up against it. 

Special characteristics

At the end of the campaign, a team of judges will choose 13 of the letters to be presented to the prime minister. Sections of these letters will also be published in the Times newspaper. The prime minister has agreed to respond in a letter also to be published in the Times for everyone to read.

The trust’s ‘thirteen-in-13 team will also be choosing their favourite two letters from each week of the campaign, the writers of which will each receive a CLICLOC watch.

The website is colourful and full of information and advice.

The photo library is fascinating and brings life in Amsterdam at that time brilliantly alive. 


Because it demonstrates so very clearly the power that one individual’s story can have and how we can connect with her, feel moved to take action.

Anne Frank is a huge inspiration to people around the world and it feels right to have her included in a website brimming with inspiration.

The Anne Frank Trust UK is the partner organisation of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. They are a UK not-for-profit organisation raising funds for their own projects. The trust operates under a license agreement with the Anne Frank House.

SOFII’s Once Upon I Wish I’d Thought Of That 2013 – Lucy Caldicott presents Anne Frank Trust.

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